Public Safety and Welfare of the Citizens


Public safety and the general welfare of the citizens are the foundations upon which local governments were founded. The local government has a great mandate to hear from all citizens concerning their public safety, welfare and the laws that are passed for citizens to uphold for a better quality of life. Public safety services and welfare of the citizens go far beyond speeding and infrastructure and are by far the two most critical areas that need our immediate attention.

Our public safety services are comprised of the Ferguson Police Department and the Ferguson Fire Department which operates 24/7. The Police Department preserves order and provides prompt responses to calls from citizens, and the Fire Department provides prompt responses for fire and rescue, and emergency medical services. There are additional public safety and welfare for the community such as, preserving property values, maintaining public property, recreation for citizens, planning and zoning, new building codes, ensuring reliable utilities, nuisance abatement, incentives to maintain properties, commercial business, entrepreneurs, environment for growth, funding for administration of government, and many more public safety and welfare services that are not listed here.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we must include improving the indoor and outdoor air quality and testing water sources for public safety. Even new technologies must be assessed with the old for sustainability that will also improve public safety and the welfare of the community and should increase efficiencies in many instances.

Public Safety should not only be the concern of the local government, but should be the concern of everyone. It must be for all the people who live in Ferguson, the business owners, and for visitors because they must feel safe when they visit Ferguson.

Police don’t stop crime, people do! However, we must create a climate which encourages people to do so. As the population achieves more economic viability and becomes more socially equitable and politically responsive, it will more actively champion its responsibility of looking out for each other and promoting the common goal of building a better Ferguson for generations to come.

Working together to decrease and prevent crime makes Ferguson a safer community. Subsequently, such efforts directly and positively impact our neighborhoods, attract new homeowners and additional businesses, and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Finally, public safety and welfare for our citizens are the fabric from which all of us are made. This is a mandate that we cannot ignore since the pandemic has forced us to live our lives in an ever-changing world.
You and your families have a safe Thanksgiving Holiday.