Transcript: City Council, April 20, 2021


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Council meeting 4-20-2021

Tue, 4/20 6:59PM • 2:49:22


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Matt? , Becky Mueller (public comment), Alan Mueller (public comment), Erica Brooks (public comment), Octavia Spencer (City Clerk), Gerry Noll (public comment), Linda Lipka (Ward 1), Toni Burrow (Ward 2), Byron Frye (Ward 3), John Hampton (Interim City Manager), Heather Robinett (Ward 2), Adrian Shropshire (public comment), Annette Jenkins (public comment), Fran Griffin (Ward 3), Brian Hamilton (public comment), Apollo Carey (City Attorney), Ella Jones (Mayor), Stephen Garrett (Ward 1)

Matt?   01:17

Hello Miss Ella.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  01:20

Hello, Matt. Hello, how are you. I’m good how are you. I’m doing great.

Matt?   01:27

Yeah, yeah, It’s good that you are on the Zoom meeting tonight. Yes, I had a few questions or comments or whatever for the closing of the branch down there. So I’d said well I have to come on and do this so I’m doing it.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  01:51

Did juice. Did you submit your question or comment on yesterday. No, I thought it was five o’clock today. No. Is it was five o’clock on yesterday. Okay, well, don’t, don’t worry about it.

Matt?   02:12

I just kept this, I just got this. Was it earlier today we get this.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  02:19

Okay, just email in the morning and we’ll discuss it. Okay. Okay. All right, that’ll work.

Matt?   02:28

No problem, that’s gonna really impact Elkins I think this rerouting the traffic. It’s additional traffic on Elizabeth. So expressively. Oh, it’s very coming through, El Cajon, because they use the NIV as a cut off now to get to drive back to read scores, like I was over there yesterday scouting, looking at the traffic and see how it’s flowing. Okay, because I came down. It was pretty good Devin was saying it was uh when he got off to work, he was kind of ahead he can hardly get through. Yeah, it was pretty heavy yesterday between five and six, you know, or traffic did normal for the area.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  04:02

Mayor. Yes, ma’am. I believe you have a quorum. I thought I saw councilmember Robinett. Oh yes she’s here. Okay. Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the April 20 Ferguson City Council. I’ll now call this meeting to order. Let us stand for solid prayer and after the solid prayer. We will be led with the Pledge of Allegiance. Okay, pledge allegiance to the flag. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under

Ella Jones (Mayor)  05:08

the baseball team. Could you please call the roll. Yes, Councilman brown here.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  05:28

Councilman Griffin here Favaro. Yeah, that’s all Robinett here. Mayor Jones here, Nelson McGarrett. Here, a quorum is present. At this time we will go without public comments, Mayor, this is fine.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  05:53

I have a question. Actually, I wanted to make a motion to move resolution 2021 Dash oh nine to a work session.

Byron Frye (Ward 3)  06:08


Ella Jones (Mayor)  06:10

on pay. Frank Griffin put a motion on the floor to move resolution 2021 old line to a work session and seconded by Councilman Frye Do you have any questions.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  06:28

Well, I would like to ask why that’s necessary we’ve talked about this code of conduct or not SLP for quite a while, so I would like to start a discussion on that,

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  06:40

that you’ll require me to start, is that okay if I respond there,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  06:44

yes you can respond. So,

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  06:47

the reason is we have dispersed. The code of Conduct. We have had a working session to start on the process of. But in terms of this 26 page document, I have several questions. I do go back to our most recent Special Council meeting where we talked about the need for all of us to work together to put things in place. He also talked about overlapping in the application of services and wordage and I’m looking throughout this document and it has a lot of scope. And so I want to I want us to sit down and counsel, not believe that this is a good start. I believe that it’s something that we can look at, but I also believe that there are several things in here that not only overlap, but also questions about that I feel like if we’re going to put something in place where we conduct ourselves as counsel, it should, we should be working on this together collectively, and this document right here is not what we’ve worked on. I don’t know where it came from. Other than Councilwoman burrow, I don’t recall us as a council even going over this together, to see if this is something that we as a council feel we should be adopting. So, I feel like when we’re talking about an addition, let me just not not mention it, the council, there’s going to be a code of conduct 414 have been elected by the people have not had a chance to even weigh in as well. And so, I think, for it to come out, literally an hour before the agenda is to be posted so that it can meet the 24 hour time series is disingenuous. Talk about us working together, I think us working together, the wordage and the action is two different things and I think once we get alignment with that, then we’ll actually be able to come together, we always do any other times so I don’t see why we couldn’t do it. When we sit down in a working session and actually go through this.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  09:23

So I would just like to, to say that we had several working sessions, Fran, I don’t think that you participated in a couple of them and I don’t think Byron did either. But I, what’s included in this. Like SLP for counsel and all of us to follow. I read through it, and

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  09:52

where I had some,


like, it doesn’t quite land

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  09:56

right for me. I think that it leaves it open to make changes as you feel necessary with the new council coming in. But I think this gives us table stakes to, to how to treat each other how to treat the public how the public how we’re interacting with the public. So I think we’ve talked through this.


Basically, for the last five years that I’ve been on council in different ways. I don’t think there’s anything in here that is outside of what we’ve discussed before.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  10:38

Okay. Can someone cry,


my things discern is it’s not fair to do people come in, dislike the candies thrown from the meal.


They need to read, they need to go over it and have a say so. It is like six months prior just one thing but this is meant it’s basically meant


for new people or new boards in


this morning in case you had opportunities to sneak by and look over it, and make your own space, not designing for a meal.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  11:13

Okay, as soon as possible.

Stephen Garrett (Ward 1)  11:17

So, speaking to like the new council coming through. No always the new council coming through, like that’s that’s the opportunity that we’re taking is to give future generations of council members, their best opportunity to have documentation that. Me personally, I did not have the standard operating procedures are always going to be adjusted and changed through councils going forward. That’s the purpose of having a power of seven to change and make documentation fit the needs of the community at large. So the timeliness of this is coming after many working sessions and placing it in place is a formality. And the fairness as far as going to the new council, that is, there will be opportunities for every council going forward, to speak to how procedures and processes are in place, and this wouldn’t be a burden to them.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  12:21

Well, I would just like to see this document. Ever since I know 2012 The author of the document. Time. He gave it to me in 2014, but here recently he has not ever picked this document up and gone through it word for word. Even today, it was perfect, came back to us with some red lines. So I really say, and I agree with Fran and agree with Councilman byland that go to work sector, because people have a right to look at the red lines or not put the red lines. But this is, it’s been around for years, so I can’t see that all of a sudden it becomes a SLP, and we have not gone through line by line, Mayor. Yes, I have my hand down. Okay, I don’t see, I see your picture. I have my hand up unless this is not working to set up from the beginning. Can you see my picture and make sure it is working. Can you see in the right hand corner. No. Okay, so anyway, handsome, woman, boy. Well, It doesn’t matter what we’ve been through several times. And as I mentioned on the Saturday special that you alone would not come in, and we asked you for your input on these documents, and several times you said you couldn’t find it and he sent it to you several times, and I got this from Octavia. When we asked her to send out a group of these documents that we could look over. This is like the 2040 plan, as the as the folks that are present today that we decided to adopt that, that it was a working document. This is the same thing. Whenever you have a document of this nature. So peak SLPs are never permanent. They’re always working, living documents. So therefore, we can have some homeless people joining the council, there’s always going to be a change. It’s not that means a sitting on the shelf, sitting on the shelf is not doing something good. This document


has nothing to do

Ella Jones (Mayor)  15:22

that I trust, is that if we wait another day, then it’s going to be the same thing we’ve been doing for the last six months, just sitting there, nobody has been in leadership as a council that said, we’ve been talking about it, practically every meeting, we need an SRP, and this is the beginning, we have to start somewhere, or else it’ll be this time next year, we’ll be doing the same old thing you’ve proven that, that when we don’t come at the right time, we move on, and it’s really a case of stonewalling. And so, I move. There’s a, there’s a motion on the floor as a second. Excuse me, please, please, whenever I was talking I didn’t say anything. I’m not recognize you too, I’m making a stable, I’m not. I made a statement, I was not trying to put a motion on the floor and look, I was still talking. I was making a statement. I was just making a statement. And so, I just would like to have the same respect that you Why would every time you do this, I don’t talk when you’re talking, I would appreciate it as rude and as disrespectful, so I would appreciate you give me the same thing that you want. Are you ready, cuz all I was about to say is there’s a motion on the floor as well. Second, and I think the processes, if, if we call for a vote when nobody votes on it. I just feel like this, this document needs to go forward instead of sitting on the shelf, it’s been there since you said since 2012 Then it’s time for us to move on. That’s my thing. Thank you for listening. Linda. Yes, thank

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  17:06

you for recognizing me. So, this document, actually we’ve at Octavia sent it out twice, I know of it maybe three times, in, in the timeline that we’ve been talking about this even since Mr Garretts been on the council. So all of us have gotten whether we read the work sessions or not all of us have gotten this document on two occasions, if not three occasions and see it was in so its core values and mission statement adapted by resolution 2012 Dash 11 on June 12 12 2012 So, adapted by resolution so it’s out there the only the red lines that I just want everybody who’s hearing this conversation I understand there’s only three red lines in it. The first red line is in travel expenses, where it says the city clerk will send out such opportunities to the council and ensure that proper approval and reimbursement forms are completed, and the only thing added there is her approval criteria. Okay, so that’s pretty simple. And then when you go further into it. Um, under Council conduct with the media. It says however council members will receive inquiries from the media and should direct those inquiries to be used to say the city’s media team, we don’t have a city’s media team anymore. So it’s crossed out and says city manager and or city attorney, then the next line says before attempting to respond. If the media team feels that crossed up and says city manager and or city attorney thinks that council members should grant an interview, they will help to clarify the interview request and develop standards. So those are the only three red lines in this, and this is a document that’s already been certified very resolution so it’s just being recertified with those things that bring it more up to date, according to what we have right now. So I do not see an issue with it so you know I would like to see that this, go ahead and go forward and the other thing is too. We know that as a council past councils and Future Councils. We have the ability to amend anything at any time. so, this is not take away anybody’s rights in the future Council, through that. This just needs to be put in place with the corrections that make it more current to our current situation as a city, and it’s being proposed as an SLP so that it is a starting point, that we can then create an amend and do what needs to be done but to at least have a starting point referring back to what Mr Garrett said, an opportunity to have some guidelines that he wasn’t able to find, and we can now provide for our future counsel, so I think it’s a benefit. it is not a detriment, and the red lines are not major I’ve read them to you, they’re very simple, and there’s only three,


but obviously already also Councilman fry


Abinitio already said immediate team.


Why don’t you say the mayor. That’s will always hit before it was a problem for the center Mayor spoke about purpose and that’s the elected official represents our candidate was the mayor.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  20:33

I’m reading, I’m simply reading what’s in this resolution that was adapted in 220 12. And at the time they had a media team, And now it goes to city manager and city attorney, as he says say the mayor. That is you right there but bearish if you want. The mayor is a spokesman for the town focusing on legal issues you would need to confront your city attorney though.

Byron Frye (Ward 3)  20:55

Yes, but when people come in as mayor. If our ball Sam page. Once this week somebody calls the mirror. That’s what they do. I mean, to me it’s common sense.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  21:12

And I, I hear what you’re saying and again I would go back to the statement I made earlier that, that’s definitely something that can be amended by the new council if they so choose, that that’s


why they need to look over it, to make their decision. To me,


this is the last minute or so, so


now it should be like this. They shall have the right to make their decision on how they feel.


And we just had this, the next, what’s


the next meeting. On the


next month.


This table to the last week of May. That’s it.


You don’t tell me what to talk about it


to go over.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  21:52

Okay, thank you, Councilman Frye, Councilwoman bar row, borrow. I just want to go back to the issue that we’ve been doing this since you became mayor talking about SLP, so it cannot possibly can be considered as last minute. And if Councilman Fran was to make changes now. Then we had at least six months to make changes on this document that everybody has had for those who have never seen it before. I can’t tell you why that is. But I can tell you this, this is a working document. This is just like the body. When you need to change and make the change, it would be a good project, it would be a good way to do project management, or software project for folks that are coming on now, I would look at this as a positive. I would hate to wait another year to have this as a pause as an SLP, we have several citizens that are seeing the need for this council to come together. And this is exactly what this document is talking about. I don’t think we have the luxury of waiting for another year to pass before we introduce this, and like, please, please, I’m speaking we were speaking I did not say a word,


please. There. One of the things that,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  23:24

that just said was that we have a resolution already on this document. So, it’s just an amendment. That’s what we do. That’s what we do in this government in this city setting. That’s what we do, we amend. So, to even continue to talk about this. The only reason why I’m engaged in it is so this citizens who are listening will understand what’s going on here. We’ve got a document that’s already been amended that’s already been set forth as a resolution, and everybody on this sitting Council right now should have seen this document, many times. It’s time for us to want it. And when you think about with any government. The reason why we have deadlines. The reason why we have resolution of up to a certain point, is because de la, la W says, back to the last minute. Most of my grants are due on 12 1159. Most of my grants are sent by me at 1159 I’ve never missed a one. That’s because that’s the time that’s about it. That’s the term I use my time allowed it but this council is now. So this is not, I guess what we have already in place. I want the citizens to understand that. Thank you Matt. Thank you, Councilman fried and Councilman friend and after that, we’ll go for the boat. Now someone cry, but as

Byron Frye (Ward 3)  25:02

soon as I talk to him. They’re not worried about ESOP, they’re worried about potholes trash derelict buildings speeders for shooting night all people they worry about not the SLP go about the festival stuff that affect them every day guys and potholes. People dumping trades people want to shoot at night these fun people, NASA my stop sign. And what people actually care about the physical Parfitt firms that this piece of paper.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  25:37

Thank you. Okay, Councilwoman Fran. Yes, thank

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  25:42

you Mayor, I was just going to say, a working document belongs in a working shin. Let me just say that when we start talking about red lines, the copy that I’m looking at right now, which is the one that was listed on the agenda does not have any read through it. So at what point were these is wondering at what point, these edits were made to touch on this Tony’s suggestion which is definitely outside of what I’m saying but to prove my point I actually waited twice I was in middle of speaking when I was in the room. So, then again, if we’re talking about working with each other. Right now, as we’re speaking it we’re saying that it’s an amended document where we’re talking about possibilities of amending it before we even vote on it. I’m sorry. Usually, you try to wait until the document is done, or at least complete before you make a vote on something that you’re saying, as you’re making the vote that you know that you’re going to have to amend it, that you know you want the council, who was about to get sworn in to be able to have input, like, then it’s almost as if it does not get passed right now. It’s going to be a whole nother year before it gets done that, exacerbating the situation. That is, that is definitely stretching. That is stretching, that’s a stretch, let me just say that’s definitely a stretch. And again, this document that you that you are speaking of and send it in, it’s already been passed, there are portions of it the mission statement was adopted in 2012, but there are a portion in this document that is not, this is, this is a collection of things that are throughout the charter, so I want to be clear as we’re talking to community that we’re actually clarifying what this document is, and it’s a portion of what’s included in the charter. I have questions about the actual working session, which parts were actually implemented that we did provide because I have not seen as of yet. And so again, I think what we talked about what we talked, yes, We have definitely talked about a code of conduct. I think this is actually the direction that we need to go. What I’m saying is a working document belongs in a working session.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  28:29

You have heard from Councilwoman Fran about putting this resolution, into a work session, it has been properly moved and second, we have finished all the questions. Are you ready to vote, I tell you, could you please call the roll.

Heather Robinett (Ward 2)  28:55

Mayor Jones, can you reread the motion or Octavia, can

Ella Jones (Mayor)  29:00

you please reread the motion. Thank you.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  29:05

The motion was to move resolution 2021 days, oh nine to work session. Thank you.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  29:20

Second, we had questions you start with a boat I’m asking for a roll call vote. Councilmember Aye.



Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  29:30

Councilman Griffin, aye.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  29:34


Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  29:39



day. Man,



Ella Jones (Mayor)  30:10

What is the bone count. The vote is three A, and four nine. Okay, the nays have it on the agenda for tonight. We move to public comments


myrtos I would like to

Ella Jones (Mayor)  30:29

amend the agenda. Okay. And we did not have on the agenda was on commission, I’d like to add that at the top of the agenda. Okay.


Usually, okay. Okay.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  31:05

All in favor to amend the agenda to put boards and committees. Okay, I’d say you. Okay.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  31:21

I have a question. I had to step out of the room for just a quick second. So, the amended agenda. I can’t seem to talk. The amended agenda includes what Mayor,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  31:35

would you say to restate your motion of Councilwoman burrow. Yes, I’d like to move boards and commissions. It’s not on the agenda, I’d like to add it and move it to the top of the agenda.


Even appointments.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  31:50

Yes. Well, Mary was gonna appoint somebody to be. Today she was supposed to call somebody for the library board. Yes, but I didn’t call anyone so I don’t have any appointments. Got some conversation about it because I think at the last meeting, you told us that you’ve worked on a monitor on the board, and so listen conversation about her on the board, you on the board. Let’s do this. Let’s do this to argue about this is easy to fix. We have. We have minutes and we can go back to what was said and what was not saying, so let’s not argue about they can go back and find the minutes at a later date





Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  32:39

If it’s a board that you’re appointing, why are we debating whether or not that was the big bang should he be on because don’t you

Ella Jones (Mayor)  32:48

make the appointment. Over appointment, I have not talked to anyone, due to the election and other things going on, we have a regular board meeting scheduled for April, 27 and everyone that I need to talk to will be talked to by then and appointed Mayor I’d like to make it a move to read to the agenda, goals and commissions to be added to the agenda, please. We need a second to that is that


Mr Guerin already second in a second. Did

Ella Jones (Mayor)  33:33

you have a motion on the floor to put boards and permission boards and commission on the agenda tonight and have been properly second Are you ready to vote. Point of order any question in it. Okay, you call for a point of order.


Yes, ma’am.



Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  33:52

Why are we putting boards and commissions on an agenda, and we’re specifically talking about


a board

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  34:04

that the mayor appoints and she just got through saying that she has not spoken with everyone.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  34:12

And you want me to answer that question. No, no, I’m

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  34:16

not done actually.


That was

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  34:21

it. That was a border commission or something they needed to meet deal by councils and I could see because, you know, council has the ability to vote on them which is talking about adding boards and commissions to an agenda for the sole purpose of making sure that the mayor makes an appointment. When she clearly has plane, so I’m just wonder what’s the


takeaway, what do you want me to ask the question now.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  34:50

I want to tell you something for me the answer. Are you finished sounds a woman, afraid.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  34:58

Okay, tell us a woman borrow. I want to correct Fran Oh, that was not the sole purpose. The sole purpose is to have a discussion and out as point of order. That is what the point of bone is about somebody to get the parent momentary and also they can let them know that it’s for discussion. Just not necessarily for a vote, or any such thing, your point of vote it means that I can have a discussion me asking it to be put on the, on the agenda, means that I want to discuss. So you’re wrong about your training that’s not my sole purpose.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  35:31

Was that was that she stated that he so that’s the only purpose that was heard during the discussion and you put the motion out there, and then I put a point of orders.


And so that’s why we’re discussing. So, yeah.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  35:48

Okay, Councilman fry you had your hand up. Yeah, I’m


trying to stand with your personal points it and while we discuss this like, that’s your decision as the mayor.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  35:59

I’m not just coincided with my decision as the mayor, and we had four or five people come in for the same interest of the library board so I’ve got to tell all of them. What I say. But one person go hey, what we’re, what this is about is about amending the agenda. And I’m asking for that to be added, that’s what this is about this should not be about a discussion now and I have a second thing to amend the agenda on, so we can get to the vote on this one so I can get to the second one, please. You can put all your amendments on one motion. No, ma’am. No, ma’am. Okay, so she wants it, it’s been properly moved and seconded to put boards and commission on the two amended agenda to put boards and commissions on Cosmin Garrett has seconded, are you ready for the questions, pay for the vote. Are you ready for the questions. No questions. Are we ready to vote. Octavian, could you please call the roll.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  37:15

Absolutely Griffin, a former Borough Council Robinett Mayor down. Now, from lifter. I asked my Garret, Council Member Hi. Yay.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  37:39

What is the vote count, please. There are five days into name. Okay, that is having board Commission’s on the agenda. So the next amendment Mary Jones. Wait a minute, Fran, you get ready to say something.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  38:02

I was just saying the 522 is not correct,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  38:08

there is a dispute about the roll call vote. What is it, Councilwoman Fran.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  38:21

I can probably call the boat back okay. It was fourth, fourth, fourth three. Catherine Emma Griffin, I have a habit, she said, Eddie Barrow. I have a castle wall Councilwoman Robinett I count Mayor Joe’s name, Councilman, Councilman Garrett in council.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  38:52

And Councilman fry name. So do I have someone incorrectly.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  38:57

I tell you that will be me friend. I said name. Okay, I’m sorry.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  39:10

The phone count has been corrected. city clerk, HIPAA, would you give us the corrective vote count, please tell us for three or three boards and commission is on now somewhere around, You have another amended. Agenda Item, yes ma’am I do, I would like to add to the agenda. The mayor’s Task Force. Where would you like that to be under new business or old business immediately over time, starting at the beginning. Please explain immediately on the top. Well, when I said to start at the beginning of the meeting, the first thing on the agenda, that’s what I mean.


Oh okay.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  40:27

There’s a motion on the floor to amend agenda to put the mayor’s Task Force. At the beginning of the agenda. Second. It has been seconded by Stephen Garrett, are you ready for the questions.


What does He consider to be a new business


to repeat what you said councilman.


When is it be considered being new business.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  41:10

It should be considered new business concerns have been, have, have not been brought up in a council meeting, a special meeting but not a council meeting, and it should fall under new business okay Councilwoman Robin and

Heather Robinett (Ward 2)  41:24

so I thought when we left Saturday’s meeting that it would fall under special presentation that you were going to come back to council with some documentation and some understanding that citizens that asked for and that council people had asked for so I would ask Tony to move it to special presentation, if that made more sense for her motion

Ella Jones (Mayor)  42:04

special presentation and where does that fall. This is number four special presentation talking go with that. I tell you, Do you need to meet for me to repeat. You can amend your emotion.


I tell you.


Yeah, I mean you got the mandate. We can move it to number four, under special just fine. Thank you.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  42:40

Also my error didn’t feel seconded. Okay. Are you ready for the questions. Okay, we’re ready to vote. I tell you when to give us a roll call vote please. i

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  43:07

I’m sorry I missed that the order should have been Councilwoman Barbara offers. I have your own testimony Robinett so Mayor Jones. Aye. Aye, Councilman Garrett. So my Friday night

Ella Jones (Mayor)  43:29

and counselor Griffin. Did you please give us the vote count. I have six hours and One Night. Okay, so the mayor’s task force will go special presentation, so be it. Any other amendment of the agenda for tonight. If not, we will proceed to public comments, citizens who were interested in speaking, there were ads to submit their comments via email. Prior to meeting by Monday, April, 18 at five o’clock PM. Pittman, do you have any comments, and would you please call the census.


Yes I

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  44:30

do. The first person is Lincoln’s.


I’m here,

Annette Jenkins (public comment)  44:39

I’m here, leaving mirror in the council. The most recent interview of candidates for a city manager was very, very disturbing and disappointment, and not well organized. The Citizen panel were given 10 Questions 10 minutes before the process started. That is absolutely ridiculous. Two other candidates should have never made the final is just like, I was told, I’ve been seeing in the recruiting and hiring path, these people shouldn’t make it to the front door. I was also told that certain council members, Linda, Heather, Poli. And of course Garrett, made a decision to hire a casino, manager, and he was given a tour. He ran out of burgers and said no time. I know for sure that our furniture was filled majority white so qualified, qualified to say the manager would never been hired, it would never have happened. However, Linda Garrett, and this might be Tony out. You all have a reputation for bullying, the people, and Vermeer. I’ve never seen you are fully James. No, never like you’re doing the math. It is what good welcome to have two new council women, who I believe will work with the council, and I’m there for the overall of the community. Many of us are aware that Councilman Council morning, we’re up there talking about a woman Robinett comes to work, listening, we realize the non working relationship that you have with the men. I don’t know your heart, or your intentions, but I know God do. And for what I see. Sincerely, no support, no effort to work with the mayor. What I see is undermining manipulation and assessing character assassinate consider myself a concerned citizen. Elder, and Nick Jenkins. Thank you citizen, and that Jenkins, the next person. Let’s pay. The next person is Adrian Shropshire.

Adrian Shropshire (public comment)  47:25

Hello Council. Oh, Mayor. I want to go, I want to make us give a special thanks. However, to do it right. Amen Shropshire 709 forest Avenue Ferguson, Missouri. I want to give a special thanks to Octavia, and her work during these challenging times, and doing these unconditional times that we have in our city now. Thank you, Octavia. Everything is not going to go right, but thank you for the things that you do to help this city, get through the hard times. You are a rock. You’re a communicator. And you keep us in line and what we need to do for as a citizen and getting our questions in sometime the road might be rocky and not understand, but thank you for explaining. So, when I see SLP I see standard operating procedures let the citizens know what it is. I would hope to see respect and tender, which I didn’t see at the call me. I understand. Call me, and I could care less about what the issues were. But I can’t care about our other women address other women, togetherness, and the elasticities of the women that I know will never I would never disrespect. Another woman in public, maybe this taskforce. And this special call meeting doesn’t have a standard operating procedure. I couldn’t tell. I understand what it’s about. But I don’t understand the way it was presented. Tony quite quite good counseling firm, Tony. But I was taught to respect. When it comes from home. And I was taught women are precious and women can leave. But I’m not seeing the consistency with leaving with the male, you say, but I see no actions. Let me move on speeding. I would like for you to see a unified safety game twice a month, where we stop citizens, and explain to them safety, not so much right not to explain your damn we have kids in our neighborhoods and make this a county, unified, monthly, focus on cool Valley downward. And we all do this. Sure, we might have to write a few tickets that are going 20 miles over the limit, but let’s go up to them with tender respect and explain why we’re pulling you over and we’re going to give you a warning this time. But explain why education goes a long ways. That’s, that’s what I see on that. And one more thing and I’m going to hear council and mayor, I judge you, but the content of your parents. And that came from a famous person. Dr. Martin Luther King. Thank you, counsel. Thank you Mayor, thank you for what you’re doing.


Thank you,


Mr sharp.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  51:29

Okay, the next person is Brian Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton.

Brian Hamilton (public comment)  51:51

Yeah, this is Brian Hamilton. Just wanted to make a comment about some concerns I have with the possible violation of Missouri, Sunshine laws. And I think I would recommend to the council that they seek some legal advice either from the city attorney, or from an independent legal source on this issue, so that they will understand their responsibilities. If laws were actually broken. Lastly, I’m very concerned with the communication between the mayor and the council. We don’t always agree on every single thing, and we don’t get off every note right, but we need to all be sitting in front of the same sheet of music, and I think everyone in the community would support anyone’s effort to make Ferguson a better community. And we’re wasting valuable time and resources trying to independently do what we each think is right for Ferguson time that we can use to work together to strengthen the existing programs that are already in place, and to identify new needs. Thank you.

Becky Mueller (public comment)  53:04

Thanks. Thank you Mr. Hamilton. Okay next we have Becky Miller. Yes, good evening council members, on behalf of proud people reaching out for unity and diversity. We would like to thank the city for hosting the town hall for the city manager candidates. It is essential that there always is direct community participation and extremely significant decisions affecting our city, engaging all the community, allowing us to participate together is the only way to build trust, compassion, stability and hope among us. The town hall let us hear directly from the candidates and develop an understanding of ways they might address the issues affecting our community. The candidates answers gave us insights into varying opinions outlooks and new options. The town hall showed respect for the residents of Ferguson, it helped make us informed. It gave us an opportunity to vote and express our opinions. This shared decision making is the essence of democratic process. And I believe the community’s appreciation of the town hall was evident. Concerning the short notice and minimal advertising, the event was well attended, engagement and careful attention to proceedings was apparent in the number and diversity of opinions. The town hall sparked numerous conversations. And lastly the eagerness for community for his participation was especially evident in the in depth research many attendees to make careful authoritative judgments. I believe if the success of this event is apparent in similar events we make standard practice in the future. Again, thank you for hosting the city manager candidate town hall. On a personal note, we would like to thank our outgoing city council members for their service. We appreciate council members fries, mature advice on so important occasions. We appreciate councilmember Garrett seriousness preparation and calm demeanor, in particular, has been facilitation of the Special Council meetings regarding ESOPs brought a very calm, orderly process to those discussions. Thank you both for your service. We also wish to welcome our new council members Miss Pedro Nelson Miss Nick, Nick quita Noah. Congratulations. Lastly we congrat congratulate Miss burrow under successful re election. We wish you all every good blessing and continued service to our city. Sincerely, Becky Miller.


Thank you.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  55:39

Next we have Alan Miller.

Alan Mueller (public comment)  55:44

Good evening Council. Council number 20 Burroughs Special Council meeting last Saturday brought several important issues to light. The task force does appear to have major compliance issues with sun state Sunshine laws and alignment with city ordinances. It is my opinion that the task force represents a great advantage for our city and needs to be allowed to continue. However, it needs to be made distinct and independent, not an official government body. It is essential that it continue with this current scope and direction. There are numerous advantages for city that we cannot achieve otherwise Ferguson is faced with very serious challenges. We should be welcoming with open arms, offers to help with creativity, professional understanding, networking, and financing. Further, we recently approved the our focus in 2014 Master Plan. We need every option available to us to move the master plan from aspiration to implementation. There are many reasons why the task force cannot be merged into existing boards, and why the independent task force can provide unique benefits. These include first residents can only serve on one board admission at a time, and the independent agency would allow committed residents to participate on this task force, while continuing to serve on their current board to our population does not provide the full breadth of knowledge and skills needed to address all of our concerns. This task force provides a large network with specific expertise in each of the task force’s areas of focus. Current boards and commissions are formed for specific purposes, With limited scopes, the task force allows us an interdisciplinary regional and holistic view for the limited scope of our boards and commissions bars them for making collaborations and obtaining funding sources now available to the city. The task force allows flexibility to seek various public and private sources of technical and financial support. The task force should function like any outside consultant, having authority to meet with city staff, but neither direct staff, nor have any power outside of advising the City Council findings and recommendations of the task force can be made through special presentations at council meetings, as it’s currently practice for outside consultants, the separation of the task force from the city needs to ensure that its volunteers, see their participation as valuable, by making it special to list on their resumes, allowing them release time and stiffens from their employers, into ensure opportunities for them to secure new funding sources. The task force presents wonderful opportunities for creative solutions collaboration and financial resources that are not otherwise available to our city. we need to find a way to ensure its operations comply with city ordinances, while enjoying all the benefits and can provide for us.


Thank you.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  58:55

Thank you Mr Mueller. Okay, next is Jerry No,

Gerry Noll (public comment)  59:05

thank you okay via just during all 1237 deer Ridge Drive. Here in Ferguson, Madam Mayor and council members and public just wanted to alert you all that the Ferguson civilian review board has published their 2020 annual report, and it’s been posted to the civilian review board page on the first and city website, you can get to it by under government, the drop down menu there says civilian review board to go to the civilian review board page, and the 2020 Annual Report is there that you can click on it includes details and analysis and trends in four major areas. Our review of 2019 and 2020 citizen complaints against the Ferguson Police Department, our review of 2018 2019 and 2020 use of force incidents. 35, plus years of trends on crime statistics for Ferguson, and 20 years of the Missouri Attorney General’s traffic stops and racial disparity reports. So that’s all included in our 2020 annual report. We also based on a comment on a town hall we had last Monday. A comment from the public mail What about people that don’t have internet access to access the report. We’ve given the Ferguson Public Library some printed copies of the report so they’re available for citizens to check out. And then lastly, crowd who earlier talked about a public meeting that they have traveled be hosting a discussion about the annual report on Tuesday, May 10 at 6:30pm Zoom public meeting and discussion. Madam Mayor, council members public or invited to it to hear about the report, ask questions, give feedback about it, or comments, only welcome. Thank you.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  1:01:13

Thank you Miss No. Okay and last today is Erica Brooks. This broke.

Erica Brooks (public comment)  1:01:24

Yes, good evening and I want to really thank the citizens, well first I want to say good evening to the panel. The day is, everybody in a perspective of places and also the community, but I just want to say thank you to the citizens that believed in me doing this last election as a candidate for Ferguson City Council’s award to a jury of a candidate for the reason of gaining representation for our ward which we have lacked. As a result of what we have been witnessing to the lack of communication as honest as right now because, as I look at the verdict from George Florida, and all the in justices that we’re encountering throughout this universe. It helps me to understand why I stood up and why I spoke up to be able to help people understand the value of our lives as black people, and humanity. And it is very essential, that everybody on that day is from the mayor all down to the staff members get things together because we as human beings will take out our own sales because we can’t find a point of order. And right now, is to many people want to be the chief, and not wanted to step in the shoes and do what they need to do within their perspective positions. And so all I’m saying right now is like I said for the 193 people that said to me, I believe in you. You can step up to the plate and represent us. I want to say thank you to those people and our other 651 people that they come out, but all I can say is that the people that are on the dais. If you want to represent a law firm, and like you say you do, You need to get out of your own personal gain and personal privilege, and, and, and remember the reason why you were appointed to I mean you’d like it to be in those positions. Thank you so much for your time.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  1:03:27

Thank you Miss groups.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:03:35

I tell you, do we have anyone else. No, ma’am. Okay. Thus, in the public comment section. At this time we have a manager’s report interim city manager John Hampton Do you have a report, please.

John Hampton (Interim City Manager)  1:03:52

Marin Council, always a pleasure to be here at this time I have nothing there

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:03:57

that, okay, thank you. Thank you. The next item on the agenda is a special presentation. And I believe they thought we moved the mayor’s task force at this point and from Saturday. The task force did get together, the communication specialists, and they gathered up all the minutes and the agenda, and it put them in a formal document, and they sent him to Octavia today. In addition to that the recording of the meeting wet interim city manager at that time Jeffrey. Jeffrey Bloom has sent has been sent to add to hear. Also, and to be asked to put on the website so everyone can see them.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:04:54

So mayor, the question that was posed for this. The question that was posed on Saturday for this today was to get some more understanding of what the how many, you know what the subcommittee’s were and who was on there so could you tell us, you know how many subcommittees are there what what were the subcommittee’s, you know, is it a subcommittee for housing is it a subcommittee oh can you tell us what the subcommittees were and who was on those subcommittees what they’re

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:05:25

all that information has been sent to you, but that was what we had never, ever. How ever. If you would like to hear the subcommittee’s, they came directly from the Ferguson 2040 plan, you have a Housing Committee, which is a Lando sharp from war to James heard Paula curry. Surely, Emerson from Ward one and Mani, Abby, Attorney from Ward one jobs, and the Academy, along with development transportation and mobility. Chris Boeing, Chris Brad from Boeing, and Chris is a woman, not a man, someone wrote a Boeing letter about, but I’ll take that up later. Schmidt, Sharon, Jackson, Emerson heaven Taylor, who is a banker, Joshua Davis was florists and business associates and Rodney Kram from the St. Louis partnership show rod. True ID, who is an attorney. The next one is education. Dr. Jackie Lewis Harris is from Ward one, we have Dr Mark Lombardo from Maryville, Dr. Andrew Brax education from University of Missouri St. Louis, Dr. Jack Kirkland from Washington University, Dr. Jerome Morris from University of Missouri St. Louis. Carolyn rents as a retired teacher on one, Vince Frelon Western University environment and well being established, or she’s.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:07:30

Can you go back to Vince Vince who

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:07:35

flew Elon University all this information is on the website. No, I understand that but

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:07:43

I’m just getting it down right now,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:07:45

the environment and well being in place Deborah Moore, came back, we have Kristen hospital. We have petition more from Mercy, Larry limpin who’s a pastor here at Ferguson, and Tony who’s our Hispanic representative. All of these titles were came from the 2040 plan.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:08:11

What was the name of the last subcommittee you just described,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:08:15

environment, well being and place.


No, and

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:08:32

I just go back to the fact that I mean, I think these are all valid conversations I think those are all valid things. I just feel compelled to say that I really feel like there’s a lot of people in this community that would have liked to have been included in these conversations, and they were not given the opportunity, and that’s where I have an issue because none of us was made public so that they even had a chance to express their desire to be part of this. And, you know, I know that we have citizens that have made comments during public comments. I never once was disrespectful at all on Saturday I simply stated my truth. And I stated my stand for my community and my community, the stand that I have for my community is that any work that we do that we need to have a completely open and you know there’s nothing wrong with having a special committee, there’s nothing wrong with any of that. The thing that I have an issue with is the fact that we were never given the opportunity to work with you and I know a lot of people like to say that I don’t work with you and make it personal between the two of us, we may not agree on things, but I will tell the community when you and I do get to work together on the few occasions on things that we both really felt good agreeable agreed on, we got a lot done in a short amount of time. And I believe that when I’m not given the opportunity to work with you. I don’t have any opportunities to make an impact, alongside you. And I feel that that’s the same way for all of the council so you know I think I’m. I understand what you got here but the 2040 plan was designed for the whole community. It was designed as a holistic look to the future for the whole community. And if you’re, you know, kudos to the fact that you took this from the 2040 plan, but this is something that the whole community including the council members that sit next to you should have had an opportunity to work with on. I don’t have a problem with your decision. So not all, not all the council, happy issue with this. I didn’t say all I said all should have had an opportunity to work.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:10:44

No one else. I don’t see, this is totally bureau. I don’t see the collaboration of the Council of the City citizens in this plan. Miller had a lot to say. None of it made sense. But this is an indication of what has been happening, that is an indication if we continue to let it happen. It will be a situation where only a few. This is a whole community, the people that came to the polls that mean


like this to stop

Toni Burrow (Ward 2)  1:11:41

raised my hand to vote and I will do what is necessary to represent those people that said to me, You got my voice. And I’m not just picking that up a scab that’s what they tell me that we dissolve this taskforce. And we should look at the 2040 plan, it’s so many put so much time to flow if you just pull the sheets out of the 2040 plan, then why do we have on the server. And that’s not really a question that’s, that’s rhetorical. So please don’t try to answer it. I would like to put a motion on the floor. To resolve this taskforce.


You cannot resolve something that charter has given me the power to have. And that is a special committee, So be it the main is the task force. That is the power of the mayor to have a special committee, and the name of it is the task force.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:13:04

And I do have to correct you on that in the charter section two dash 31 It does say that the mayor can has the ability to create a special task force unless otherwise by the majority of the council. So you she does have according to the Charter, the ability to make a motion to. To do this, According to the same section that gives you the opportunity to create it. So I’m not saying that to be argumentative I’m just being informative.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:13:36

It’s in the power of the mayor to have a special committee and the special committee is the task force anyone else. I’d like for you to weigh in on it, please.


I know you were gonna ask me about my reading my reading of that language,


not allow for the counselor to, I can’t hear you. Yeah,

Apollo Carey (City Attorney)  1:14:09

the language pointed out by Councilwoman lift that does not allow for the council to dissolve or to abolish special committee that is appointed by the mayor, I mean at the end of the day, that’s a circular argument, right, because if the mayor has the power to do it, and the council dissolved it then the mayor can just reappointed. You know, in five minutes, you know, that kind of thing. So, what the council can do is change, you know, kind of change the language that allows the mayor to appoint the special committee to be subject to the approval of the council, but that’s, that’s not how that language, how, what my reading of that language. So at this point, I don’t, I don’t see that the council has the power to abolish the task.



Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:15:04

Apollo, when I read it, it says, method of appointment says section tasche two dash 31 special committees, method of appointment, all special committees shall be appointed by the mayor unless otherwise ordered by a majority of the council, you’re on mute.

Apollo Carey (City Attorney)  1:15:25

I think what that, that speaks to the appointment right so the majority of the council, and also appointed. I think that what that does is I gave the majority of the council, the ability to appoint a special committee, but it does not give the council, the right to take away a mayor or to abolish a council or a special committee that the mayor, create, that’s my that’s my reading about.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:16:04

So, when we discuss this on Saturday. You know, our, we were looking to you to come back to us with, because we had no input to who was appointed, or to who was part of this task force, so it wasn’t it wasn’t counsel, you know, blessed. I want to make sure too that if there are violations of Sunshine Law, that we as counsel, aren’t culpable for those violations and so attorney Kerry, can you speak to that

Apollo Carey (City Attorney)  1:16:46

special committee, whether you call it a call the way you want is especially if it’s a special committee, it’s a special committee, all committees are subject to the Missouri sunshine. What if they if they’ve got the post agendas. They’ve got to take minutes. Then, you know, they’re, they’re subject to open and close from you know provisions of the sunshine. And so, you know, you know, I have not, you know, not been asked to attend any of these meetings as you know, I have no knowledge as to how they’re operating. But they must operate consistent with the sunshine. So anybody who has mentioned or said that is absolutely. And so, the same way we you know we have, you know, when we run a house one thing that we are doing is trying to be consistent with the sunshine all the time to the timing of the posting of the agenda, in terms of, you know the the information that is on the agenda, all that stuff. Any committee of Commission Board of the City is a piece of a board or committee or commission of a public entity. And because of that, they’re subject to those same requirements.


Thank you.

Toni Burrow (Ward 2)  1:18:03

And we brought up all the gender and minutes, and PR and recordings, and symptom over to our table. There’s one meeting that we was used in, I think is looting and it was messed up but they do have the minutes, as everyone just introducing themselves. I got a question for you earlier. We were at Morris wood with the showing down was their Access Plus specific question of you. I asked you which was it, I said, Is this the mass Task Force, or is this a committee, you said and I quote, it’s both a special committee that’s then tasked for what you did and that’s a skill that you get, but you didn’t say he was named the task was use I said, What is it you never did say it was a nice, you said it was both. And that’s what threw me when you said it was a task force, and not a special committee, or a committee. Now I would like to ask for the parliamentarian in house, and I think that’s your problem, because I’m thinking we’ll be going to have to do is overwrite the whole interior room here of the chair, which is LM. So do you want a moment to look at that problem, because the council can do that.


So I wanted


that I understand what you’re asking.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:19:46

I’m asking for the council. The, those that would vote that we dissolve this task force. That means that the parliamentarian can override the chair


with a majority vote,


even with what we just read out of the Charter, the parliamentarian can override that. If you want to take a minutes, I know this is something that’s not usually done.

Apollo Carey (City Attorney)  1:20:17

I mean, certainly parliamentary procedure is one thing, but you know the law I have another thing. Hey, you know, the, the ordinance, you know, you know the ordinance does not approve the charter does not give you the power to do what it is. It just, but likewise, the mayor can stop you either, like if you want to quit, especially committee, my leg was read by Councilwoman licker. She couldn’t abolish your special committee that language only deal with the appointment of a special committee and does not deal with your boss. That is a charter member and you have to amend the charter. In order to do so. So in my opinion, wouldn’t necessarily matter, the parliamentary procedure would matter because can’t violate the Charter through Parliament.


Exactly. So, what we have here then is quite a catch 22


Do you agree

Apollo Carey (City Attorney)  1:21:21

that the idea is to to abolish the power of the word to abolish the special committee that was created by the mayor. I don’t necessarily know that it’s a testament to I just think it’s something that powers does not speak to you know the charter does not speak to the kind of the council’s power to do something like that and specifically when the charter gives a particular power to a particular entity like the mayor or city council. You know, it’s, it’s the you know the charter is attempting to do something specific. So, I don’t know that I will say catch 22 I would just say, I think the thought is you guys trying to do something that you don’t have per my reading of the chart.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:22:12

Can I ask the question to then when you, when you go through this. What is your definition of the word, unless I mean because you know when he says all special committee shall be appointed by the mayor, unless otherwise ordered by a majority of the council. Yeah. To me that is a word that gives us a secondary consideration it gives a reversal, unless otherwise ordered by the majority of the council.

Apollo Carey (City Attorney)  1:22:45

Yeah, well, so I read that in context of the entire provision which deals with the appointment of a special committee. Right so that first part of the sentence gives the mayor, the power to appoint all special committees, Unless a special committee is appointed by Japan the story of the cost. That is, that’s my interpretation of that. So, in the event that you know the mayor doesn’t want or doesn’t necessarily believe she should appoint a special committee that language gives the majority of the council, the right to do it over the mayor’s plan. Yeah, I mean you don’t have to agree with it, I mean that’s just my, that’s my legal my legal background and my legal training tells me that that’s how that should be. But of course, you guys are free to do whatever you decide you want to do but I just wanted to make sure my advice was on the record.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:23:50

Councilwoman Fran, so I appreciate. Thank you. Well

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  1:23:56

power I appreciate you forgiven that explanation because that’s the answer. I was actually looking for answer to that very same question in terms of the appointment, power, it is specifically that wordage I had a question about too because it. I read it the same exact way you read it. And so that, that leaves me to once again here we are saying that we want to work together. We’re saying that we want to work together but our actions are showing otherwise. And so it’s very apparent to me what’s going on I, if the intent is to correct the problem. I know we specifically talked about what we would like to have received by today. We talked about that, if the, if the intent is to correct the problem. Then we talked about wordage and transparency. And the intent is to correct the problem. And I’m, I’m not speaking for. I’m not speaking for Councilwoman burrows because I understand her intent is to abolish it, because whatever her reasons are, understand that I’m actually speaking to everyone who has recently, you know, talked about what it is, that is our problem with this particular thing and how what needs to be done to address it. And so that’s what, that’s where my interest lies in terms of how we move forward. I want to be able to correct the issue I also want to be able to give mare the space to do what it is that she needs to do to get the information so she can present it to us know what it is. And then we can work throughout that process. But again, I just can’t emphasize like this, I see this. I see this all the time we talk about us working together, but then we’re like, No, we’re not going to do that part to me is frustrating because when it comes down to different other conversations that we want to have, if you all simply don’t want to have it it’s just not going to be had. And so, to me that whole, we want to work together. If that’s what you mean and stand on that. Don’t just use the words because it sounds nice coming out of your mouth, actually implement that and that’s everyone that is every each and every last one of us.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:26:42

Attorney Paul. Paul, I have a question, and having my hands on, Robin. Then, Byron had his hand up in constant woman, in that order.


I just wanted to address one more,


I’ll come back.


One thing that Councilwoman lift. Just before we move on from that point. You know I mentioned earlier before that perforate that language in a way that allows for the abolishment of a committee created. First, the language is the language, reading is entitled method of point, so I think it’s specifically dealing with appointment, if you read it to them as a sort of a language that deals with both appointment and Abolishment, that’s when you get into the circular argument that I mentioned earlier before right because if the mayor has the right to a point, then otherwise quarterback counsel, if you read it that then the council has the power to abolish then just get into this art this circular thing where the mayor can just appoint appoint the taskforce, again, and then the council can then just, you know, so there’s just this this circular thing that continues to happen. And the power is still there to do. So that is why I read that language specifically to deal with the appointment, and not necessarily the abasement I just wanted to underline, I know I mentioned that earlier before, you know, earlier we talked about but I wanted to highlight that.


I’m sorry.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:28:30

Byron is gone.


Buyer monkey taxes, was almost done. This last hour. Let the new council, make these decisions, Not the old Council.

Byron Frye (Ward 3)  1:28:45

The new council is not very them at all, make all these decisions,


right before they get sworn in.


That’s totally unfair. They weren’t elected by the people first and let them make those decisions for people first,

Byron Frye (Ward 3)  1:29:01

people first spoken,


and let them have opportunity


to speak with me and


find itself bears fear

Byron Frye (Ward 3)  1:29:14

is going back and forth that go doing anything


theory. This is Oh,


this tired, and

Byron Frye (Ward 3)  1:29:24

it’s a done deal in over five goes on. Thank you.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:29:32

Councilwoman Robinett.

Heather Robinett (Ward 2)  1:29:38

So, Mayor Jones. You know I’m not confrontational with you. I speak my mind. And I think I spoke my mind Saturday morning when we were talking about parts of the language in the taskforce that probably needed to be changed and I didn’t care that they’re going to be changed. Tonight, or that that’s something that you’re looking at, but where it says the board rule roles.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:30:12

We need to make sure that the language doesn’t give authority to the taskforce that they will be some, like an entity coming in as a consultant, giving special presentations to counsel and that’s what we’ll listen to, and actually, you know, like, listen to and adopt, so I think that my biggest contention in what’s


part of


what’s written there is under board roles. And number three, specifically,


develop actionable

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:30:53

implementable plans that may be employed by the city in the task force. So, I don’t think that the task force should be allowed to direct city staff or direct anything before it comes before Council and I would ask that.


Again, I am not trying to change the language,

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:31:17

so I, that that’s where I want to get, I want to I want to make sure that the language that you have in this taskforce makes sense, and it’s not going against Council, or going against any board or commission. I’m giving you the opportunity again to make sure that that’s right.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:31:40

Well, we will go over this red line it and bring it back for you all to see again. Okay. They just they were reading it, and they do understand about board and they reduce the the board board and committee entertained to believe, and sometimes people do that. So okay, are looking at this document and going to revamp it.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:32:04

Okay. I was hoping we would have that tonight, that the language difference in the task force, but if you’re going to bring that




Great, yeah.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:32:19

Thank you mayor, Mayor, May I speak or am I out of line, or can I speak No, no,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:32:24

it was Tony. It’s Tony time and then we could come back to you. Okay. Thank you. I do know this process. For some of you that don’t like what I know.


This is what

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:32:40

I do. So, I know this process. And I will say to those of you that don’t get why I’m so adamant about this is because when you’ve been lied to and the trust is not there and you can make decisions get turned around on this council. I don’t go along to get along. And I think everybody knows that. I can name at least five times in the last three years, that things have been said one way from the chair, and one way from the city manager, and it did not go that way. And it was like, Oops, this is not an oops gang and Apollo, I appreciate you for what you do, but what you’re saying is misleading and I know that for a fact. And so, I’d I appreciate you to weigh in in and as this could be a debate like Mike Berry has seen it could go on and on. But, what, what Ella has done is that she muted my motion. I happen to know for the language that we got here in this city that we can override that. Because when, when I muted my emotion that what that does is that makes me able to say I overrode the chair. And if I’ve got the amount of votes to do that. I’m sorry, go ahead so you look like you want to correct me, I’ll stop for that moment. I just


say what I said was misleading and I want to, you know, I


want you to me. For me,


I just want to make clear that I, you know, I’m just giving you advice, you don’t have to follow


a legal analysis, I have to say,


I’m just telling you what I think the language said, I’m not trying to be independent at all so I just took issue with that and that’s not okay.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:34:35

No, and I agree with you on that. It’s misleading for me, because if I was sitting back, not knowing what I know that I’d be thinking that I don’t have the right to go forward. When I look at the document as it was presented. There’s so much in there that, what it does is it makes you, it makes this city not need a council. If you give these, all these outside folks that don’t shake your head, because if you read it, and you read it corrected anybody with any common sense, if you read that document at any moment, then that document can be perceived as you don’t need a council, you don’t need a city manager, the city is run by the city manager that documents allow freedom to, and if we’re dealing with a person that one day they’ll say one thing and the next day is another, you’d be very cautious, that’s where I am with this counsel, you got to be very cautious because one day it’ll be on its own, and then the next day. Oh no, it’s just a night, we have to we have to I have to make sure that the people that I am representing that I look at this document, just like her the South, and just like anybody else, but some common sense would look at it and say, oh, what does that mean, so we could play this game all night long, overriding you because that’s my prerogative to do that’s Council’s prerogative to do. I don’t have the trust, because I’ve seen too much, and it has, it has come down the pike. That is not true, and we go through this, and then it’s just an oops, so I just want everybody to know we can overwrap, I can say that the motion, the forbidding of the motion, or we can override the chair. And I think that at this point, We need to have some outside advice as to do we want outsiders running this city. And we not know, and just like you just said to Heather. Oh, we’re going to go over this a little bit, we’ll get it back to you. Are you kidding me. We are the people here. And we are the folks sitting at this council that folks like, like, I’m just gonna use you for a moment. I think we’ll do this great at what she does. And we, we represent her. We represent the folks that are in this city expecting for us to do the best that we can. And so, we represent Steve and we, I represent me. And if I know better. Shame on me. If a year from now, we said well you know you shouldn’t send something back on that night, or you should you should be what I was expecting tonight from what you said on Saturday, that you were going to take a look at what you were doing, and what that documents said, and the questions that we asked on Saturday you didn’t have the answers and you leave the show. I mean, I’m used that were you leading this team, and you didn’t have the answers that we were asking for. I understand, I surround myself with people that are smarter than me too I get it. But some of these things. What you just said frightens me. You got to go back and have somebody else to tell us, and we have no involvement. I don’t know if anybody on this call on this council that had any involvement with this at all, but you’re gonna bring it back to us. We’re supposed to be the ones that folks went to the portal for to say, I want you to leave the city for us. That’s disconcerting to me. And I personally know if we want to play the dog and pony show I can play this dog and pony show all night long. This is what they do. And when they open they see when they open just the city screen school this is how it works. I don’t have time for that. I don’t have the inclination, I don’t have the patience for it, but I just want to let you know, all of us here. Don’t trust what has not been proven to be trusted and it has not been that way on his team. So, if that, that if, if we want to dissolve, we can play the dissolve game on like, expect to hear back from me. If you guys want to continue to us, we can play the game. If you don’t, then look for me to go further with some of these things that I know are not proper. Fran you hand hand up.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  1:39:14

Actually, Linda was before me.


Oh, okay.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:39:20


Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:39:21

so I can see hands I’m just going by. What’s been, go ahead.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:39:28

It might only be on Octavius and since she’s the host I don’t know.



Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:39:41

my. So my concern is the document as it stands, that’s my concern. And I appreciate the fact that you said you are going to sit down and rework it, and redline it, and re present it. If that is the case, are you willing to



Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:40:03

the prot the process of the task force as a risk, as it relates to this summary and just put on pause until that is done, are you willing to just put a brakes on it. Put it on pause, rework this presented to the council. And then once it’s agreed upon, go ahead and move forward. At that point so that there’s some input that people can, you know you can present it back to the council and, you know, say hey this is what we’re going to do we took your considerations into consideration. We’re going to go ahead and take that input and do these things. And then would you, so the question is probably two part, would you be willing to put it on pause, and would you be willing to accept input from council members. Once it is represented.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:41:03

To be honest with you, this is a document that is working. I would look at it and redline it and get it back to you right now, the subcommittee is finished. So the only thing was left for us meet on the 29th and have a town hall but we cancelled bad, so better give me time to look at it and read on it that’s the only thing I could do ask them to stop they already didn’t stop, because they are waiting on a meeting to come together, but I want to ask the question, why are so many people so afraid of this task force. And so focus on it. When there is so much to be done in Ferguson, other than everybody pour Nate energy right here. I tell a we’re not afraid


of the of the

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:42:13

of the document. As the person behind the document, we’ve seen too much. And like I said I can name those things that we can’t trust. And so we have to be sure, not just for ourselves but for the people that we represent. And I’ve said that over and over again here tonight. So that question has already been answered. There is a distrust here that when things happen. They happen like, Oh, oops, no known regard for what should have happened, or what you said was going to happen. And then all of a sudden, it’s not happening. No collaboration was the main thing. Nobody, nobody, this was a secret for the longest time, it was no secret, it was not a secret. Okay, let me say this. When I found out about it. I thought it was made because I had COVID in our head, the temperature 105 I couldn’t get it. I was on the call but I didn’t understand. I was sick. It was the first time I’d heard about it. Nobody on the council had heard about it, that I know of. Everybody was shocked. It was looking at all these people lined up, doing jobs, and none of us knew about it so that means the city, the city had a voice that was working, and you just said, you can’t stop them because they, you were just extra helped to process already how to because they finished their subcommittee work and you’re waiting to get back together as a group, and we were going to do it on the 29th. And let me just ask you that how did she just asked you the politics, and you said you can’t do a GB, honest with us, and that you they already had to but they’ve already done the work. When you can’t stop something that you’ve started. That’s right. That’s real frightening when you’re, when your team is telling you, hey we’re not getting this, we’re not getting this real well, that right there should have been enough. When this team said to you we got concerned and as deep. That should have been enough, the leader in you should have said hey let’s stop the train. And you didn’t, so that caused me problems, because these other folks does we wouldn’t be sitting here right now, if we weren’t concerned, we’d be saying next, what’s next on the agenda. So when you ask that question, you don’t. You don’t get it. Yeah, that’s right. I get it quite well, I get. Okay. So, go back and pause them twice. There’s no need to go back and pause them twice they already balls, but then I don’t think you understand what what Linda. I understand everything you say. Not what Linda said when Linda said, Fran, you and Johanna or whoever have and if not, We’ll move on. I was just going to,


so that

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  1:45:19

when we had the special meeting, we think, I suggested I asked the question then when Linda first said or I can’t, don’t get me quoted it was either Linda, or miss Tony has stated that they wanted to have a report by the first meeting. I asked the question, then, why don’t we ask the mayor, what she can provide to us by that date, because I did not want us to end in a situation where something like the language, needed to be addressed, but had not been done in the we weren’t satisfied with what she would give us. That’s why I asked that question because I was looking to see what she could within the timeframe that we were limiting her or that we were getting her

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:46:13

to come back

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  1:46:14

and report to us what she would be able to provide and so that was the reason for that was the reason for my question because now we’re at a place where we’re talking about language, and we’re hearing that she’s got a subcommittee, we’re asking if we can pause, but then we’re also asking if we can get some more information so to me it’s like, or asking, well let me clarify, we’re asking that we get the language, clear. So, are we asking for a pause while we get the language clear, are we asking for a pause period until you what you believe the council should be deciding on which I have to, I want to reiterate, the mayor has the power to be able to do this. So, I would suggest, if there’s, I mean, everyone has looked at the language at this point in time, everyone knows, you know, what input, they want to have into that, without, without trying to look over a look under or look around. What she’s what she has the power to create, why don’t we send in the input to her, let her take it to the to the subcommittee, let them do what they need to do as far as changing the language, and then that way you don’t have to wait until she comes back to say, oh well we like this, but we don’t like that.


Send it to her now. So that that information can go to the subcommittee,

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  1:47:50

and they can consider it, they can look at it they can fix the language I mean if we’re doing this again with the attempt to correct the issue, then that would be my suggestion. To save time, and to be able to get everyone’s input. But again, that’s totally their process. It’s totally up to the mayor as to how she receives the information that’s totally up to her. And so, I mean I’m just trying to be productive, versus, like, let’s come to what needs to be done, let’s be specific. And let’s not crossover ourselves with what our asks us



Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:48:31

Okay, Linda is next and Heather and we got to move on because it’s almost nine o’clock and we still have another meeting to do plus other items on the agenda. I don’t think that you can see that Stephens hand has been up for a very long time. Yeah, It’s

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  1:48:50

okay for me.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:48:51

I’m going on, what is selling me. Okay, here’s Steven Come on.

Stephen Garrett (Ward 1)  1:48:57

Yeah, no problem, I’ll go quick. This isn’t an issue of fear of what the task force is an end to date that’s not the issue at all, it’s actually really wonderful what you’ve done in several people to do the work. The issue is in the language that is on our site, which is treated as the Performance Document specifically role three, which is circumventing the council and the voice of the people to give the task force, direct employment, have plans, along with the city so essentially the ability to instruct city staff, that is the language issue on that document that needs to be adjusted. Also, the, the agenda is not being published 24 hours in advance on the city site. And then the meetings, minutes just now coming into where we are probably outside of Sunshine Law requests, if we have those already for those meeting minutes that’s, that’s the problem. And that’s where the city itself as an entity can get into real trouble. And that’s that’s just watching everybody’s backs.


I do understand. Okay, okay, I

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:50:11

do think it’s my turn now. So, I will say, you know I appreciate. I hear you, Fran when you were saying and, and I went back and watch the video again and you did definitely make that request, you know, let’s let her have some time but what I would counter you with is that this has, for, for at least it started in June of 2020, it was presented with a complete board complete seven Advisors, a complete group of citizens had been appointed to this. In September, which was the first time we heard about it. So that was four months. And then from September, when it was presented to us to now that’s been eight months, so you know if it’s, if the subcommittee started as soon as that was created, then they’ve worked been working anywhere between now and 12 months. If they started after the presentation in September, they’ve been in, they’ve been in session for eight months. And so, I’m going by the calendar Ella I’m just going by the calendar and unfortunately I can’t even know I’m wrong because I don’t even know what’s right. That’s the problem. And you’re absolutely right, Ella, this is all good work and that’s why the 2040 plan was designed, and that’s why we have all of the council members and so forth. There’s no fear here, I want to be on board with this. I’ve got great ideas, I’ve got few I want to share my freaking ideas with you. I want to share the concepts I’ve been of things I could add to the education part to the sustainability part there’s so many things, but I wasn’t given the opportunity, and, and I’m not mad about what you’re doing, I’m mad about the way it was done, I’m mad about the fact that


it was specifically

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:51:59

eliminated so many voices. I’m mad about the fact that there’s no Sunshine laws followed whatsoever. And I don’t even want to use the I shouldn’t even say the word mad it’s not mad. I’m


not mad,

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:52:11

I’m just, I’m really disappointed. And, and I want to I want to be part of this, I want to have my community, the whole community involved in this, I want opportunities for them to put their names on a, on a request or fill out an application to be picked to be on this, these things, they weren’t given that, and you may have the right to not give it to them, but I think that’s awful. And I don’t think what you’re doing is wrong I think what you’re doing with the vision


you have,

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:52:46

you’re not the only one that has that vision, obviously you found people that fall, to have the same vision, but there’s a whole lot of us.


That’s why we ran


for office. So, I’m.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:53:01

I am asking you to just include and take into consideration and respect the fact that there’s people out there that have a voice that have contributions to offer and put this on hold, pause it, stop it, stop the committee’s stop this. Make your focus, rewriting this summary. Make your focus rewriting the summary presented represent it, and ask for our opinions you don’t have to, obviously you don’t. And, and you may not. But I would ask you, I would implore you to rewrite this. Ask for the input of your city council members, and get everybody on board, and then, unpause and go back with what the task for your task force has created, and don’t make it a final report, you know make get a first report, because then the opportunity allows itself to add people add voices to what’s been designed and people can say oh yeah you’re right I saw that or I could do this or let me do that or whatever. Just, that’s all I’m at. That’s what I’m asking right now. And if you cannot say that then I’m concerned, if you cannot agree to that that really concerns me.


Did anyone else have their hand up after Linda.


Okay, Heather.


So I,


a lot of what Linda just said, is what I would say, but I would use fewer words. Sorry.



Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:54:45

I just had to inject some humor. But I think the big concern is that we as council members who have tried to support you. As mayor, have been left out of this process, and we’re looking for a way for you to figure out how to bring us all together, and as we bring in new council members, that’s going to be even more important. So, however this task force was initially


put together. I think this is a great time to figure out how to bring us all in and solicit our opinions, because we want you to succeed. Mayor Jones,


we do. Thank you. Thank you. Okay.



Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  1:55:46

my question remains are, can, can you put this on pause, can you put your committees on hold. And can you make a priority out of this language that you said you guys were going to be reworking and let in go ahead and make that the priority so that we can hear what you guys rework.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:56:05

Yes, that can be done in. Yeah, in this Yeah, that can be done.


Yeah, that can be done. So that’s no problem. And within the data so I’ll be calling. Several other council members and see what it’s like to get together and work this.


Several are all

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:56:38

the whole thing here is about, including all of these every council member. That’s what you this I think is what’s missing in this piece. We’ll hold team will one, if we can operate as one, we’re back to the drawing board.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  1:56:55

May I add that this was a this was a special committee that the mayor added. So, yes we do make decisions as council and yes the mayor gets a vote but in this particular situation and I know you guys find it really hard to accept. I know you find it really hard to, to except, but I really really need everyone to really just grasp this one little bit. And that is she has the ability to create a special committee. Would it be nice for us to be able to have input yes, we’ve talked about different ways that can go. We’ve talked about different ways that that input has been collected. However, when she says I will reach out to council members, I want us to still have the understanding. I really need us to still have the understanding that this is an Amir created special committee. So the goal Yes, is to be unconditional. But I need us to understand clearly what this special committees,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  1:58:12

their friend, if you really are serious about inclusivity, then you don’t do a few, if you’re talking about inclusivity, then you’re talking about all. And this goes back to, a year ago, when I kept saying, This is not inclusive, it’s exclusive. And when you look at those words that would just say it. Look at exclusive, not inclusivity, because that is not inclusivity. And I understand. I understand what that language means, trust me. Words are no and everybody in this on this song called no words were mostly words and picture people, but the bottom line is, when you don’t speak what you mean. Then you leave it up to assumption that when you do or don’t do what you say you’re going to do. That’s proof of what you will not do. That’s the situation here. Yes, include everybody. Right. That is your right. Brother, you have a position. Leaders know how to include people. That’s what leaders do.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  1:59:18

Let me clarify what I’m saying so because I don’t want you to go down a rabbit hole. My reason. My reason for saying that, because clearly you did not understand what I was saying My reason for saying that is because Byron. Byron is not he’s already told us where he stands so that was my reason for saying that he told us he did not have a problem. So, I was actually including everybody by listening to what everybody was saying, Thank you.


Yes, I know, I know, I know, and all inclusive.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:00:08

All Inclusive what to say you want everybody included all inclusive, you know, that means something else tomorrow, if you’re going to say something. You don’t trust me. And if I say something. So why would you want to be included in something with a person that you claim you don’t trust or that one time I say something that it means something else and it means something else. I’m not getting the scope of, you always want to be critical of me. I can’t get him to work with me, but yet you saying you don’t trust me, but when I say all inclusive. What does what the conversation was about, well give me the sentence it’s all this conversation you just gave me just now. And all you had to do was give me that, because let me tell you now, I’ve got 1234 I got, I can tell you right now, on this whole call the reason why, and you know that. So the bottom line is, I’m within reason for where I am. I’m within reason. And so all I’m saying is, clarify. Okay, okay, and closer and closer. What does that mean for me. That’s all I’m asking you, what does that mean this acceptance if that’s what you got to then all inclusive to the point that as Linda say want to work on the language of the document and coding, everyone. Thank you.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:01:43

So think I what I was looking for is the fact that I would like to have an opportunity that when you said that you would reach out to some of the council I would just like to ask that you reach out to all of the council members, because the only way we’re going to get past, anything that we currently are stuck struggling with is to step up and speak up to each other. So, you know I am. I would love to have that conversation with you I would love to share some ideas with you I would love that opportunity. That’s what I’m asking for and I wouldn’t, and I would then go the next step to say, I asked for that same opportunity for the citizens of Ferguson who want to be included.


Can we please move on. As your broken record. Oh,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:02:28

that’s no problem. That’s no problem. Okay. Can we move on. Thank you. Okay, we move into the consent agenda is city council meeting minutes, special meeting minutes, March the knife council meeting minutes, March the ninth special meeting minutes, March the 20th special meeting man it’s March the 23rd House meeting minutes. Excuse me, march 23 special meeting minutes watched the 22nd 27th Do you have any corrections for the city council meeting minutes. If none. I request a motion in a second to approve the minutes.


So moved. tagging.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:03:32

It has been moved by Councilman Byron Frye, second by councilman, Eric. Are you ready to vote. All in favor.


Aye. Aye.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:03:44

Any opposed. The eyes have it. The minutes are approved boards and commission meetings CRB, three 121, Sr, commissions, 116 20 220-729-1720 1015 2011 1920, I request a motion and a second to receive and file the minutes.


So moved.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:04:18

Second. It has been properly moved and seconded. All in favor say aye. Aye. Any opposed the eyes have it up, we at the point now where we got to put boards and commission that was an agenda amendment. We are look I am looking to find out when we will be able to appoint


citizens, because I’m getting calls almost daily, when can we appoint citizens that have put their applications in, and they’re been told that we’re ready to do it we


want to feel these

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:05:01

boards and commissions, but they’re standing there waiting for weeks, and in some cases months not been told whether they’re going to get on the Council on that, and we have boards that I think the only one that’s having a complete ban you’re telling me this is true, is the one that you own Barry’s yours complete yet.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:05:22

Okay, so and that’s great because I really wanted the one at Verizon to be complete before June 19 So, but we have the library board there we’re trying to get completed for two plus two, the education piece we need that completed right away. And when we if we don’t get that completed, I have got a couple of people that I’m supposed to have meetings with tomorrow, and I don’t have that bullet for you. So, there are other, there are other boards, I’m still, I’m still waiting on to do the economic development, I get people waiting in line to be on that. So, I really need to probably sit down with you and say look, and you don’t you and I talked about this, privately that we could sit down and talk about these boards you were going to put some people together, I had some people, and it’s getting to the point where it’s almost summertime, it’s almost time to put these kids in camp and we, I’ve got some other things going for kids that are having some special issues, and it’s hard to all the school teachers on this call, understand, kids that have IEP s we got to get those kids straightened out quick. And it’s almost me, and I don’t have them in place.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:06:35

Are you referring to the library board appointment.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:06:38

Yes, I’m gonna have that one done. I hope to have had it done by tomorrow. My meeting tomorrow with that, but I’m not gonna be able to do it. And last night we talked about some of this two plus two, and I’m supposed to have meetings with Joe Davis and a couple of other people so it is getting. For me, it’s getting to the wire, because I have some people that are interested in doing some tutoring for the summer, we have kids that reading two or three grade levels. And again, this is not something I’m just saying, I’ve got data on this, and we need some kids with math, I’ve got people on this phone call that has said on a zoom call that they will come and help. But I have to have the board’s permission things done to in order to go further, and I’ve got people that’s going to put money on this is really good, grants, I get checks, I can’t even cash because I don’t have people in place, so I don’t want you to think I’m just trying to push you to do something, but we’ve got kids that there’s going to be a spell between the time they get out of school, and the time summer school start, they’ve already been isolation, le you know this is my heart. This is what I do. I need again volunteers is one of the things I don’t have people, and we got kids that are threatening suicide I need the skills to be in place. I just got to tell you this is. It looks like I’m losing volunteers because I don’t have it together. I don’t have a condition. Now the people who are standing there saying, Yes, I’ll do it. Well, the vacancies can be filled on the 27th. Some people are terming turning up terming out, and those cannot be filled. Until what June sometime the first of June when we do reappointments, and people term determined out, but the vacancies, will be filled on 27th Or we could do it before then. Let’s do it before then just for the ones that would so we can put these folks that got kids that the ones that are, I think, more geared to what we’re going to be doing for summer school and the kids that are that are going to be out with nowhere to go, and nothing to do, if we didn’t get that. I can appreciate that. And that’s only. That’s only two that I need. And if I can do that I can tell my mini for tomorrow. The sound works is going to happen. We can talk after this or we can talk tomorrow morning. I will make the appointments to the vacancies on the 27th, because there are still a couple of outstanding applications what I’m looking at now is five of them that come in parks boards come in F in that P coming in, several people come in for the library. So, 27, we only got one, we only got one space for the library. Yes, I know it’s only one space but I’m giving everybody an opportunity. Okay, okay, I didn’t know how many people on there, Can you tell me how many people there,


or ore. Okay.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:09:54

So let me ask this question, and I little concern here because the person that requested to be on the library board that application came in a long time ago, and it was an application that was to be reappointed she had to step down for a little while, and now she was able to come back. It was originally her position, it stayed empty until while she was not in it. And then, the reason it’s vacant, is because she had to step down for a moment now she asked to be put back in place. That’s the only reason the position was an open position. So, we’ve waited three council meetings, you’ve said on three occasions that you were going to look into it you’re going to look into it you’re going to look into it. Now you’re saying that you have other people that want that position when I think in all fairness, it was simply a matter of just appointing her back into the position that was hers to begin with, and just putting her back in there. The only reason I mean, we’re having we’re playing a waiting game here is what it looks like to me. And I don’t think that’s appropriate, and especially when you personally gave your word on three occasions that you would have it done by the next meeting and then it didn’t and then it would be the next meeting, and that and you said the last meeting, no uncertain terms you would have it done, and now you’re saying you didn’t get it done again because of the election. So, you know, you’re not I know you you you are a multitasker so you’re not a one mission person, so I really don’t. I don’t know, doesn’t hold a lot of water I would say at this point we’ve made this person wait This was their position to begin with, I would ask that you just go ahead and appoint her to that position and let her get back to work because it is this something that she truly loves she thought she was moving she’s not moving.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:11:48

Put her back on her reason was family illness, close to death and death and also COVID and things like that. That’s why she had stepped down to take care of a family, and all of us know about that. And the very next day a couple of other applications came in

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:12:07

that I did not come in the very next day when she first asked to be on there.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:12:10

No, that didn’t happen.


We move on.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:12:14

No we cannot. We’re still talking. So I would ask Mayor that you would just go ahead and please make the appointment of that person to the library board,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:12:27

and we will make the appointment on the 27th.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:12:30

Now I’m asking you to fulfill your word that you gave us on two occasions to make the appointment of the young lady, I’m referring to tonight to the library board on the 27th.




This is why we have issues. Alright.


You’re saying said, I’m sorry.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:13:19

the next item on the agenda is a proclamation for Arbor Day, and the proclamation reads Arbor Day, April 22 2021 whereas, in 1872, J Sterling Morton proposed to the Nebraska board of agriculture that a special day be set aside for the planting of trees. And whereas, this special day called Arbor Day was first observed with the planting of more than 1 million trees in Nebraska. And whereas, trees can reduce erosion, about precious topsoil by boiling water can cut heating and cooling costs, moderate the temperature, clean the air produce oxygen and provide habitat for wildlife. And whereas, trees are a renewable resource given us paper, wood for our homes, fuel for our fires, and countless other products. And whereas, trees in our city, increase property values, enhanced the economic volatility of business areas and beautify our community. And whereas Ferguson has been recognized as a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation and desires to continue his tree planting ways. Now therefore, I mayor of the city of Ferguson, Missouri, do hereby proclaim Thursday, April 22 2021 to be Arbor



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:15:16

in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, and urge all citizens of Ferguson to support the efforts to protect and woodlands, to support our city, urban forestry program and to plan trees to promote the well being of present and future generation proclaimed as twin Day on April, 2021. The next item is resolution. Resolution number 2021 Dash, Eight. Without objection, were introduced by council members present attorney carrying to please read the resolution.


That’s my resolution number 2021 08, a resolution endorsing the new Ferguson community brand new

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:16:07

interim city manager, Hampton, please explain the fair,


Mayor Council staff is asking for approval of the passage of this resolution.


This will allow us to start moving forward, and implementing the rebranding of Ferguson. So, staff is asking for your approval.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:16:32

I need a motion in a second for approval.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:16:39

Second statement, go ahead, removed. Yes, even

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:16:42

you worked on this project. We’d really do appreciate all of the time and effort you put in his project. So it was moved by Stephen Garrett, second by Byron. Byron, fry. Clark Pittman, would you please call the roll. I mail Jones, I

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:17:12

guess. I lied on my night. Yes, hi.


Councilman Garrett, By

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  2:17:19

now, so my friend, Councilman Griffin.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:17:23

I think Council our borough.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:17:28

Resolution number 2021 Dash oh eight passes. Resolution number 2021 dash nine. Without objection were introduced by council members present. Attorney Carrie, could you please read the resolution.


Resolution number 2021 dash nine resolution, adopting the code of conduct for elected officials, as the standard operating procedures for the city of Ferguson Council are Tuesday for the City Council of the city of Ferguson, Missouri. During the council’s interactions and last each other with city staff and with the public.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:18:12

Interim city manager


counsel, I have nothing on this. I, I will leave it up to



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:18:25

I will entertain a motion in a second for approval.


So moved.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:18:32

Second. Is been properly moved by Councilwoman lender at second by Councilwoman Tony Clark, the roll. mayor downs. Yes.


Councilman Lipka.



Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  2:18:54

Councilman Carrie. Hi. Councilman Frye. Councilman Griffin. I

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:19:05

also my Borough Council Robin that I, when is the vote count of 6919. Okay. Resolution number 2021 dash nine passes bill requiring first reading, bill number 7205 Without objection, we’ll introduce Mary,

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:19:34

that’s a bill for second reading, we don’t have a bill for first reading Mayor Bill 7205 A second reading.


This is a man, Acting city manager I just noticed there is mistake there that is only a second reading.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:19:49

Okay, bill number 7205. Request a motion a second to read the bill, a second time and place upon this passage.


Some of

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:20:07

tagging. It’s been properly moved and second attorney Carrie, would you please read the bill


number 7205, an ordinance of the city of Ferguson, Missouri, granting special use permit to Manisha bars new businesses blending beauty bars. For the purpose of operating a beauty salon at one or two South Florida Road, subject to the conditions restrictions and requirements set forth here in


interim city manager Hampton. Do you have anything else to add.


No ma’am


I do not. Council members do you have anything else to add any questions

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:20:50

were answered during the public hearing.


Clark Pittman, would


you please call the roll.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  2:20:59

Guess what. I am coming here, I cry, I want to Griffin. I just want to borrow revenue.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:21:11

I know Jones. I feel numbers 7205 passes certification. April 6 General when this election results. Clerk Pittman, could you please read the election results.


Yes. So the results were certified by the St. Louis County election


for the position of council or one Phaedra Nelson 443 votes, Stephen Garrett 369 votes


for council Ward two Erica and Brooks 193 volts, RB Peterson 130 volts, and J Tony burrow 328 volts, because a one three, Nikita no at 131 volts. Latasha M brown 52 volts, and Mike Palmer has a writing 121 volts.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:22:10

Eric requested motion and a second to receive and file the St. Louis County elections results.


A Second. It’s been moved by

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:22:21

Councilwoman Heather second by Councilman Frye. All in favor say aye.


Aye. Aye.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:22:30

Any opposed. The eyes have it. Certification is placed for filing for the St. Louis County election results. At this time we have our miscellaneous starting with House summon fry


house please get your shots don’t believe, don’t


fall into propaganda and hype. My whole family’s vaccinating stuff


my sister but she’s great.


But if I was get your shots, thanks for having me. And you trust me you see me around. So, catch you later. Bye.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:23:11

Elsa woman Griffin.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:23:19

I just want to say, I really enjoyed


working with

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:23:25

the council, man, Gary, and with

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  2:23:29

Byron, who has been my, my, my whisper in my ear, in the middle of Council,

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:23:40

as I was going through this process, it definitely broke me and but they thank you for for being willing to serve I did I had so much fun being able to work with you on these projects like you just, you know, You brought a sense of, of calm in the midst of a storm so I appreciate you for doing for bringing that and and I like the way we were able to work together because I think ultimately, you know, each one of us has something to contribute to this council. When we put that effort in to really work with each other and to hear each other and I appreciate you for doing that.


I felt that immediately as soon as she

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:24:25

came on council so thank you for for just giving me the opportunity to work with you.


It was my pleasure.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:24:35

Congratulations, everyone. I definitely, I definitely, definitely appreciate each and every resident that came out and actually decided to take part in this democratic process like this important in community, empowering is important, like how we do it is important and so I’m just looking forward to working with everyone regardless of if you’re, if you’re on council if you’re not on council like I you know I just figure this is something that’s going to be ongoing regardless so I’m looking forward to continuing to work with everyone.


It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:25:17

Councilwoman bar roll. Thank you just want to mention that this year I’ll be town hall meeting was a great success. We did the training that we had learned from Nicole, the same training that the police officers are given. It was a dream of mine to have us to do that title Hall and the CLB came through. Well, I had to do was say hey this is something we ought to do. And they did it and it was fantastic and so many people they were online calling in and sent text messages because they didn’t know that we were doing that kind of work, and it even turned out that the piece that we did about the youth was right on time and I’m going to be featuring that this summer. During summer school teaching kids about that training that we presented for kids. We have pack as rather copyrighted, no bulleting no bullying. And we’re not going to be doing that this summer as well so I appreciate that and all those that are involved. I got a taste of Facebook, while I was running for the reelection. And I don’t believe that city government business should be done on social media didn’t believe it then and still don’t believe it now so I’ll be taking that site down, but I did get to know several of the citizens over 4500 citizens and Ferguson page. And every day, I’m spending hours just communicating with the citizens in Ward two, I want you to be on the lookout and I won’t be doing my lessons on tour, doesn’t learn to restore that on this weekend, so be on the lookout for me to show up that you’re doing. Another thing was last night but the proud put on an education piece. We had done a piece like that. Last year, where you’ll be far less at the F Ferguson Forest School District and the young people that were there really did a good job. They came out in full fledge from the school district and Amanda and I are doing the two plus two, we are the representatives from the city. And that is a liaison pizza where there are the representatives and that would be Joe Davis and Terry O’Neill and Albert hurled, so we’ll be doing two plus two. What that does is we bring, we forge a partnership with the school district. And so look out for some information on that last thing is that I approached us about a thank you letter to all the folks that voted for me and for all of you that didn’t to let you know that I’m here to serve, and serve 100% I’m here to serve, not just in Ward two, but every citizen in this city is what I’ve been doing is what I intend to do stable has been good. I’ve had a lot of fun. Thanks for working on the SLP. And I do want to let you know folks that I am taking that to other places. and we will be doing that out. Well, I’ll let you hear about it later we’re right about that. So we use an assignment Sophia has been well received in other municipalities of St. Louis County, so we’re not the only one is doing the SLP, and it’s because of all the work that this council has done other municipalities said, We want a piece of that. So that tells me that we’re doing the right thing, Siva thanks so much appreciate you. Councilwoman Robinett.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:29:18

I’ll be brief but I would like to thank both Councilman fry.




thank you for doing that.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:29:30

You put a lot of buttons but you make us think deeper and harder and and I, I’ve known you for many many years in old first and last and I know that you’re not going anywhere. You’re just taking on a different role, other than council person. So I appreciate the time that you put in on council, Steven. Councilman Garrett, I, I really appreciate the work that you’ve done, especially with the branding and and the SRP, you, you really have been very calm person and have spoken out

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:30:18

eloquently, better than I could do for such a young guy, like I’m about to turn 50 in a couple days and you speak more eloquently than I do so I have to give you props for that. but I really appreciate both

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:30:34

Councilman prime Councilman Garrett, of what they brought to the table for these past months, or years. And


you are the last of the men to leave council. So we’re about to have an all female council. So,



Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:31:04

I want to thank everybody who ran during the election I want to thank everybody who put their, their name in the hat and who got out there and thank you for everybody for for getting out there and trying to do the right thing for the right reasons. And I will say my congratulations for the next meeting that we have for our incoming. But, again, thank you, Byron, thank you Steven from the bottom of my heart. You’ve done very well.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:31:42

Councilwoman Lipka.

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:31:47

Thank you. Um, I want to start off my comments, I want to thank Ella Mueller for his comments during public comments about the task force and, and, and I do agree that we need more transparency and concern about the Sunshine Law. I also agree that there is a lot of resources that have been pulled together that can be of a great benefit to the community. I would say though that you know when you’re seeking financial support, and you’re trying to create new avenues of maybe financial support and various projects and so forth. It can’t be done on city letterhead, it has to be done outside of city, if it’s not sanctioned by the city. That’s just legality. So you know, just some things like that those are part of my concerns. I do want to reiterate that I know there’s a lot of people on this call, but it’s very easy for you guys to assume that you know what I’m thinking or what I’m doing and it’s very easy for everybody to say well she never wants to work with Allah, and I’m here to tell you, Allah in front of everybody, I do want to work with you. That is why I am so adamant about this because I want it done right. And because the stand that I take for my community, is that everything is open and transparent and that’s why I got on this from the very beginning, is to create opportunities for everybody to have a voice, and I won’t budge from that so I’m sorry if people don’t agree with me. And then, and just to let Mr Shropshire know my character is definitely intact. Thank you for the concern. And I was part of the conversation last night with proud, and it was a courageous conversation about inequity within education. It was an awesome conversation. I have a long history with the Ferguson fluorescent school district so I was very pleased and I was really impressed with the preparation. I would encourage that in that education piece of the task force that you reach out to these people who are working on forward through Ferguson. They, I would also encourage all of you to look into their piece that they put together on education and the inequities within our education system through, it’s called still separate still, they they’ve pulled together some resources out there that are worth looking at and reading. And it’s eye opening, so it’s very good. Those are the kinds of resources that my input would ask that we include in these conversations that we have for our community.



Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:34:29

I want to say thank you to Byron, fry I mean dude you stepped up, you were appointed, you’ve been here you’ve done the work, and, you know. Nobody wears a wristwatch like,


because we all see it about this time of the night

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:34:43

so thank you for that. But even when we haven’t agreed on everything that I really admire about you is your honesty, your integrity and your forthrightness, and that’s something that everybody can take a lesson in Steven, I just want to say, Mr Garrett that you have been a pleasure to work with as well as your contributions your insights have been refreshing, and they have been educational and they have allowed us him and Byron to you, your commentary from both of you gentlemen has allowed us to look at things in a wider perspective. And I would ask both of you to stay involved and Steven. Your. Your youth is something that’s very inspiring for the opportunities of the future growth of Ferguson to have voices at your age, speaking up and doing the work. So, Thank you for that. And finally, I would just like to say that Miss Heather hits the big five oh on Saturdays, so happy birthday Heather and I hope that you invest in L’Oreal like I am so yeah



Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:35:58

that was unnecessary in me,


I think we just, I talked too much. Haha.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:36:07

Okay. How summon Stephen Barrett.

Stephen Garrett (Ward 1)  2:36:13

Okay for short.


It’s time for bed.


I get to go to bed.

Stephen Garrett (Ward 1)  2:36:19

But I really appreciate the opportunity to work with all of you and really get to get involved in the city, this is more or less my first foray into a lot of what Ferguson has to offer and it’s been a wild trip, and it’s been a lot of learning for me and a lot of great and things that I will remember for the rest of my life and stuff that I get to take and do a lot more with and this is something that I could not have had from any school, or from any mentor, this is just been such a great life experience, and I have to thank every little moment that I’ve had with this council with this city and appreciate everything that everyone’s given.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:37:10

Thank you. I just would like to say, Byron,


see the one

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:37:26

that wants to mind boggling we’ll just let Stephen, appreciate your skills. I’m glad I had the opportunity to share with the previous city manager and


works directly to tap into

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:37:47

your expertise so thank you for doing everything for the city. You’re going to get a



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:37:58

I just wanted to, I just want you to be surprised when you get it, you aren’t going to get and subscribe.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:38:06

I’m not going to spill the beans but you are going to get a surprise.

Stephen Garrett (Ward 1)  2:38:10

Oh no Now I can’t sleep.

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:38:13

You’re going to get a surprise. Thank you for all your service, massively for being re elected, looking forward to working


with you


on some I have a TV do you have anything.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  2:38:36

I do. Before these two eagerly run off. I do have a plan to present to them, you know, unfortunately we couldn’t do this in person but I’m going to try to show it here, and I’ll make sure that you guys get it,


but I’m going to read it for you all for your point here. And first I’m gonna go to Viber fry. Is he there, no. Is he there. Now he’s there, he’s back.

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  2:39:14

Okay, so first, present it’s a vital fry in recognition of service as a member of the forest and city council, from 2019 to 2021 your time in office has provided us with a living definite definition of leadership, committed solidly to doing the right thing passionate devoted and unyielding. The city of Ferguson, thank you for tireless efforts to preserve all that is good and fair comparison. Okay. That’s not what you’re supposed to say.


And I do something wrong,


they have had this feeling. Did you


know that is not me.


That is Hold on let me see if I can.


And we outsiders. If I can find that and is that really. Oh, one minute, Octavia, Apollo, do


you want to.


That’s fine. Yeah, I just wanted to, you know, congratulate as a woman borrow or win, and also give my parting shots to Councilman fry and Councilman Gary, I mean, you guys, I always say whenever there’s Council turnover you know those seats are high, you know, and nice those seats are hotter than others, and you guys did a really good job of representing your constituents. And you guys brought different personality traits to the team that were very valuable at different times when we needed them. So that’s greatly appreciated it was. It was a pleasure working with you guys. I will say though I am a bit disappointed that you leave me and chief Hampton, only to pan on the dice now, and so I, you know, I don’t know what to say about you know it is what it is. But but I’m sure I’ll see you guys around and thank you guys for, for your service.


Okay. All right,


and now to Steven Gary

Octavia Spencer (City Clerk)  2:41:24

says, in recognition of your service as a member of the forest and city council, from 2020 to 2021 your time in office has provided us with a living definition of dedication, devoted wholly to the common good, devotion


enthusiasm and commitment on behalf of the city of Ferguson, thank you for your tireless efforts to preserve all that is good and fair and. And again, here it is, if everyone can see it.


Thank you,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:41:52

Chief Counsel, would you like to speak.


Yes, America. As usual, it’s always a pleasure working with counsel. Customer Garritan customer pride. I haven’t worked with you very much, but what I found in talking with both of you are watching a console, You both have passion for the city.


So, thank you. Thanks.



Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:42:24

In a staff member would like to share. Okay. I’m requesting a motion and a second

Linda Lipka (Ward 1)  2:42:38

to, let’s just say you’re requesting it from BF over here because it’s his turn. Right.


we’re gonna let him do it. Oh, okay.


Okay Mr FRAC. Okay,


there we go. Okay,

Ella Jones (Mayor)  2:43:02

so the die. It’s been properly moved by Councilman Frye, second by Councilman Garrett, we’re gonna miss you all, we wish you well. I’m all in favor say aye. Aye. Any opposed the eyes have it. This is your last meeting, have a great life. Meeting adjourned. The die.




Are you gonna


do a break to tune in, so we’re going to go right into it. I tell you, that’s up to you guys, we can take a few minutes. If everybody needs to NDN to give a few minutes to those that are getting sworn in, so that way they can kind of get themselves together so they can, because they’re going to be up in like two minutes


long as we come back. Okay, so two minutes.




So this means like to log off right

Stephen Garrett (Ward 1)  2:44:06

free or free friend.


You remember, high school teachers, hours around


between 830 and 930 I’m easily knocked out.


Okay guys,


I’m going to be right. Ami was always a good buy. No, it was spending money on me to spend money on. You want to budget strict budget, download the PDF as I was good with that.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:44:50

That’s okay, I’ll reach out to you guys tomorrow. One day this week so I can get you guys reporting here’s


my name tag.

Fran Griffin (Ward 3)  2:44:59

As the reporting here.


You have a good night, as


I show when I’m watching the news and that goes know how to greatly. Imagine think about my right to counsel for Wow That’s right. Now, my Weezer Oh. Adios. Alright, See you. Okay.


I’ve been see chief Armstrong way on the next page. I think you’ll see him.


Yeah, he was that sorry. He was,


I think a third page


on the third page.


Yeah, Well, there was three pages.




We were founding member to




Eric Evans,


I just want to congratulate you on being the interim city manager.


I would like you to do that, because you’re very low headed person.


Thank you very much.


Find out what other people know about partnership. So I wish they would have visited that person, which is nice.


Thank you very much, ma’am. Those areas


at the 7724 Now we’re moving on to the quarterfinals.


No, no, I


put it in the freezer with Thank you.


Congratulations again.


Thank you, thank you for this and thank you for doing


is the


man or woman


of your choice.