Council Meeting 4/20/21, recap with video & transcript


A complete, but unedited computer generated transcript, can be viewed at this link.

Another lengthy discussion of the Mayor’s Task Force was the primary subject of tonight’s meeting. Mayor Ella Jones continued to defend her Task Force against complaints that it violated the Sunshine Law, and the objections that she did not allow other council members to place members on the Task Force. Despite the time dedicated to this discussion, there is still no substantive information of what this Task Force has been accomplishing or what possible goals it has. The Mayor did state that the subcommittees mirror the sections of the Ferguson 2040 Plan, but details were not given. Subcommittees were said to cover the topics of Housing, Transportation, Education, and Environment/Sustainability.

Also of note:

A motion was made by Council Member Fran Griffin (Ward 3) to move the Resolution for the Council Code of Conduct SOP from this meeting to a working session. The motion was defeated 3-5.

A motion was made by Toni Burrow to place boards and commissions on the top of the agenda. Mayor Jones stated it wasn’t needed because she had not contacted the board candidate to be nominate due to the election and other things. The motion was passed.

In public comments, Annette Jenkins gave an unusual statement regarding the city manager search which, if true, indicate a breach of confidential information made in a closed session of the council.

In Boards and Committees, Council Member Toni Burrow (Ward 2) lodged a complaint that people have applied and waited weeks for a response to fill a vacancy on boards and commissions. She noted a particular problem getting someone added to the Library Board, and a long delay in setting up the Economic Development Commission, which has multiple people waiting to begin. Mayor Jones said that vacancies could be filled on the 27th in the next meeting. Council Member Linda Lipka noted that the Library Board vacancy has had a long-standing application and in three separate meetings Mayor Jones had said she would settle the review of the appointment. In the interim, more applications came in because of the delay in appointment. Lipka asked again that the member please be appointed tonight. Mayor Jones refused and stated again it will be done in the next meeting and not tonight.