Again Already? Council Special Meeting Tonight 4/22/21


And before there’s a chance to provide so much as a quick background on the dispute between council members and Mayor Jones on the Mayor’s refusal to appoint just one person to the Library among many vacancies on Boards and Commissions, we have a new Special Meeting called for Thursday 4/22/21 at 6:30 pm, ahead of next Tuesday’s already scheduled regular Council Meeting.

With two new council members on board, tonight’s topics include “Discussion of Boards and Commissions” and “Ferguson Fire Department,” as well as a closed session after open meeting.

Will Mayor Jones finally appoint a resident to the Library Board or stand up the Economic Development Commission? Or is she looking to move experienced council members from their assignments in favor of placing two inexperienced (but allied) council members in their place? Will Mayor Jones propose a Fire Protection District and raise our tax bills? We wait with anticipation.

Information on joining the meeting is below, and the Observer will provide both a recording and transcript. And we will provide analysis as possible, especially if we get back to having a little breathing room between Council meetings.

To join the live meeting at 6:30, 4/22/21

Phone: 1 312 626 6799


Meeting ID: 938 5743 4642
Passcode: 876201