City Council Personal Endorsements


As we’ve done once before in 2022, the Ferguson Observer contacted each of the City Council candidates for the April 2, 2024 election to participate to ask a friend, colleague or neighbor to write a letter of support. The below are those we have received so far, and we will welcome any additional submissions from candidates who did not yet respond to submit a letter from a friend or ask to give their own personal statement. This opportunity, along with the previously published Q&A with the Council Candidates opportunities to openly share information about themselves and their campaigns with the voters of Ferguson.

Editorial note: While all candidates were contacted, in the case of Phedra Nelson and Blake Ashby, the Observer sent an email to their council email addresses asking them to provide an alternative contact email. This was done in this manner because municipal email paid by the City of Ferguson cannot be used for the purposes of political campaigns. Neither candidate responded. Additionally, as with the previous Q&A with the Council Candidates, Ferguson Observer editor Nick Kasoff was not involved in soliciting or determining what was requested of each candidate.

Ward One

Phedra Nelson

David Williams

Ward Two

Blake Ashby

Erica M. Brooks

Jamil Franklin

Nick Kasoff

Ward Three

LaMika “Mika” Covington

Naquittia Noah