LaMika Covington, by Bob McGartland


This letter comes from Bob McGartland, a Ferguson resident and owner of Robinwood Automotive and Tire.

To Our Local Ferguson Community,

Lamika Covington, better known as “Mika,” has been a good friend of mine for well over ten years. I first got to know Mika as a fellow parishioner at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church. She is a single mother who has two children Nydia and Mark. Through the sacrifices of their mother, Nydia and Mark went through Catholic grade school and high school. I have witnessed these two children grow in their Catholic faith. This is a testimony to Mika for the great love she has for her children and for her Catholic faith. I have mentioned this first to show the foundation of where Mika gets her energy and passion for all that she does.

I got to know Mika better as we both volunteered on Monday night for years helping the Edge program for 6th – 8th grade students at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta School (BTC). At first, she brought Nydia who attended the program and then her son Mark when he entered 6th grade. Nydia came back to help when she was in high school. I was impressed to see a single mother who worked full time, come each week full of positive energy giving of herself to help other children grow in their faith.

As far back as I can remember Mika has been very actively involved in the BTC Athletic Association. Coaching her kids in different sport teams, even while serving on the board. Currently she is the athletic association president.

Mika has a large heart for giving herself to others. As many of you know, I co-chaired The Taste in Ferguson for ten years. In the early years Mika would be there with Nydia and Mark volunteering at the event. It seems whatever you asked her to do there was always a friendly, positive response of yes. Nydia and Mark would follow the example of their mother, rolling up their sleeves doing what was asked of them.

During the last three years of the event Mika stepped up to be the volunteer organizer. This was not an easy position to do. She was responsible for recruiting close to 100 volunteers we needed each year for the event. These volunteers helped with set up days before the event, the morning of the event, 50 plus volunteers that were needed during the event and the clean-up crew after the event.  When planning any large-scale event, frustration, challenges, and roadblocks come up. “Mighty Mika,” as she has been called, didn’t throw her hands up and walk away. She used her faith, passion, and energy to find solutions and move things forward. She had the volunteers there when needed for us to put on a successful event each year. I remember one year it was 7am, pouring down rain as we were trying to set up for the event. Mika was there encouraging us along, like a ray of sunshine. Later the rain stopped and by the afternoon the sun was shining.

In conclusion, we now see Mika volunteering once again for the community she loves and lives in by wanting to be the next Council person for Ward 3. Anyone who is involved in civic government knows most of the time this is a thankless position. Yet I admire and respect everyone who takes an active role in the civic process. I have no doubt that if Mika Covington is elected as Ward 3 council person, she will bring that high level of energy and professionalism to the city council. 

Mika is small in height, but she is a moving force of passion and enthusiasm, which shines through in all that she does!

Respectfully Submitted,

Bob McGartland

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