Nick Kasoff, by Heather Robinett


Heather Robinett is currently serving on City Council as a representative for Ward 2.

I first met Nick Kasoff approximately 15 years ago at a neighborhood organization meeting. He was every bit as opinionated about his community then as he is now. But while many people are content with simply voicing their concerns or distrust of local government, Nick has always sought to affect change through his superpower: dogged determination. He is a natural problem solver and will research who the responsible party is (City of Ferguson, MSD, St. Louis County, etc.) Through years of calling in potholes and poor repair jobs after digging up streets, Nick knows where to turn to bring immediate attention to the matter.

Many of you have been witness to these solutions over the years. What you may not have seen or inferred through social media posts is how much Nick cares. He cares about a community that is safe for his family. He cares about law enforcement. He cares about transparency, so nothing is hidden. He is not a mean or vindictive person, and solely seeks to make the world around him better than he found it. All of these things (and many more) are reasons I am resoundingly recommending Nick Kasoff as City Councilman for Ward 2.

Many will remember that I and other Council members supported the appointment of Blake Ashby to the open seat last year. However since working with Mr. Ashby on Council, collaboration and consensus is desperately missing. What is also missing is cooperation when there is disagreement. That is perhaps one of the most important nuances of a functioning Council. Nick Kasoff has shown time and time again that he will provide assistance and collaboration even when he disagrees with the endeavor.

Please vote for Nick Kasoff on April 2 to help Ward 2 resolve problems and hold appropriate parties accountable (including myself on Council!)

With gratitude,
– Heather Robinett, Third-term Ward 2 Council member

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