Crash! 801 Airport Road

801 Airport Road – “Before”\

Late Saturday night, an uninvited guest paid the residents of 801 Airport Road a visit. An SUV pulling a trailer was heading east on Airport Road, and as they approached Dade, they abruptly turned into the front yard of the home. According to a resident, the car hit the brick fireplace with such force that it pushed a chair across the room.

801 Airport Road – “After”

The impact demolished a large section of the chimney. According to a resident, the owner had a structural engineer inspect the home yesterday, and they are working on regaining the ability to occupy the house.

As tire tracks make clear, the vehicle entered the yard nearly perpendicular to Airport Road, not a small feat at the speed needed to clear a steep embankment and strike a house at demolition speed. According to an eyewitness account, after striking the home, the driver attempted to back up and leave, but his trailer was at such an angle that he was unable to do so. He had to be restrained by a bystander to prevent him from leaving before police arrived.

We offer our best wishes to the residents and landlord, each of whom is a victim of the ongoing insanity on the streets of Ferguson.