Recap: Council meeting, 4/27/2021


Last night’s council meetings was so boring that Sara didn’t even write a recap. There was almost nothing on the agenda, and the disagreements of recent meetings were entirely absent. The mayor made her appointments to various boards, all of which passed without discussion. Toni Burrow’s nominee to the library board was not selected by the mayor. Former mayor Steve Wegert was nominated to the economic development sales tax board. And there was no mention of the mayor’s task force.

The only other business was a short presentation and first reading of a conditional use permit for a laundromat, Jade Laundry, at 497 Airport Road. This commercial building has been vacant for many years, and has a tax delinquency of nearly $50,000. More than $6,000 of that is city of Ferguson property taxes. The business owner appeared at the hearing, and stated that she is purchasing the building, a process which will involve paying the tax bill. It’s encouraging to finally see some movement in this very neglected area of Ferguson.