Our Election Coverage


In 2020, restrictions resulting from the COVID pandemic resulting in a very different manner of campaigning. Candidates were unable to meet personally with constituents, and that left an information gap for voters. In the upcoming municipal election, we plan to fill that gap.

First, we will do a candidate profile interview with each candidate. That interview will give candidates the change to introduce themselves. We’ll discuss their personal and professional background, and their approach to governing.

When we get closer to the election, we will host live candidate forums. You’ll be able to submit questions, and the candidates will go head to head discussing their approach to our city’s issues and assets. By live streaming these forums, and providing recordings for those unable to view them live, we’ll reach more voters than previous debates.

An engaged and informed electorate is a vital part of obtaining good government. The Ferguson Observer takes our community service responsibility seriously, and our election coverage is an important part of that. I hope you’ll join us.

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Nick Kasoff
Nick Kasoff, the editor of The Ferguson Observer, is a tax professional, landlord, information systems consultant, Libertarian committeeman, and community activist. A Ferguson resident since 2005, he formed the Observer with the help of a strong crew of fellow volunteers, who shared his belief that a regular record of the events and musings of this community was of great importance.