2024 Council Campaign Finance — Ward 3



Naquittia Noah started her Candidate Nominating Petition in November and gathered all 95 signatures submitted under her own affidavit. Noah’s Committee Organization was amended 2/2/24 to reflect the current election. She retains Waleeta Hall-Hines of University City as her treasurer. Noah filed her Personal Financial Disclosure on 1/2/24 and provided additional transparency by giving her employer as the Higher Education Consortium of Metropolitan St. Louis and disclosing her company, NNoah Enterprises and Consultant. Additional information was also shared regarding her adult son who is still a dependent.

Noah filed the January Quarterly report beginning in 10/1/23 during which her activity towards this election began. An Amended 40 Day Before Election report was filed quickly the same day as the original report to reflect an additional $0.20 of money on hand due to interest received on a bank account, and an 8 Day Before Election which covers activity through 3/21/24.

She began with $119.96 as money on hand on 10/1/23 and over the period from October to 3/21/24 she received a total of $1187.23. This includes $419.21 from nine people in Ferguson, $743.02 from twenty people in the Metro St. Louis area, and $25 from Marletha Jones of Texas. Noah also made a loan to her campaign from herself on 10/23/23 for $1281.28 to be paid off within one year. The loan allowed for an early start in securing billboards and getting literature printed. There has also been an in-kind contribution from Noah for $408.52 and $250 from Cynthia Brown.

Noah’s total expenditures stand at $3616.71, of which $1028.04 were made by credit card. Spending includes printing for $849.19, billboards for $748.52, printing for $550.25, $393.90 for yard signs, $395.95 for a mailer, $210.22 for T-shirts, $180 for advertising in the Ferguson News, and smaller amounts on car magnet, stamps and envelopes, National Women’s Political Caucus dues and training, voter info.

As of 3/21/24, Noah has no money on hand and a total indebtedness of $2309.32.


LaMika “Mika” Covington started her Candidate Nominating Petition in November and gathered 25 of the 81 signatures submitted under her affidavit. Six others helped her gather signatures, including Ward 3 Council Member Mike Palmer (9 signatures).

Covington’s Committee Organization was filed on 1/12/24, naming Larry Robinett as his Treasurer, and was filed before she was required to do so. Covington’s Committee Organization was filed 12/5/23, naming Larry Robinett treasurer. Covington filed her Personal Financial Disclosure on 12/5/23 and provided additional transparency by giving her employer as Centene.

Covington has filed campaign reports for the January Quarterly, which started for her on 12/5/23 with no money on hand, for the 40 Days Before Election report, and for the 8 Day Before which takes her through to 3/21/24 for her reporting period.

Covington has raised $3030 in monetary contributions. This includes $2175 from 19 Ferguson residents, $525 from two St. Louis Metro area residents, and $220 from a “Pass the Hat” at a fundraising event in which individuals gave up to $25 without requiring to have their names recorded. She also received an in-kind contribution from Mike Lonero for $200.

Expenditures have totaled $2181.03, including $379.97 for a mailer, $1490.26 for signs, $120 for fundraiser food, $134 for postage, and $56.80 for advertising materials.

As of 3/21/24, Covington has $848.97 of money on hand and has no debts.

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