2024 Council Campaign Finance — Ward 1



Phedra Nelson started her Candidate Nominating Petition in November and collected all 84 signatures under her own affidavit. Nelson’s Amended Committee Organization for this election was filed 1/26/24, Linda Nelson serves as treasurer.  Nelson filed her Personal Financial Disclosure as an annual filer and as an incumbent candidate on 1/5/24. She declined to provide additional details of employment, any businesses owned, investments, or corporate activity.

Nelson’s January report was for limited activity, because of this, her 40 days before election report shows a period that starts on 10/1/23 with $78.65 of money on hand from her previous activity. Her 8 day before election report takes her reporting period up through 3/21/24.

Monetary contributions to Nelson’s campaign have total $2130 during this period. This includes $100 from Marletha Jones, Mayor Ella Jones’ daughter, $930 from 14 Ferguson residents, $450 from 12 St. Louis Metro residents, and an additional $350 from an out of state resident.

Expenditures have totaled $1076.88 and include $834.72 on printing, with smaller amounts going to postage, bank fees, voter information, and dues for the National Women’s Political Caucus.

Nelson had $1131.71 in money left on hand as of 3/21/24 and has no debts.


David Williams started his Candidate Nominating Petition in December and gathered 15 of the 71 signatures submitted under his affidavit (not including his own). Four others helped him gather signatures, including Ward 1 Council Member Linda Lipka (23 signatures), Ward 3 Council Member Mike Palmer (5), and William’s Treasurer Larry Robinett (20).

Williams’ Committee Organization was filed on 1/12/24, naming Larry Robinett as his Treasurer, and was filed before he was required to do so. Williams filed his Personal Financial Disclosure on 12/19/23 and provided that he is employed by and holds ownership of Williams Academy, LLC, on Natural Bridge Rd.

Campaign reports filed are the 40 Days Before Election and the 8 Days Before Election. Together they cover the period from 1/11/24 to 3/21/24.

Williams has raised a total of $1156 in monetary contributions during this period, including $100 from himself, a total of $1056 from 15 Ferguson residents, and $140 from a “Pass the Hat” at a fundraising event in which individuals gave up to $25 without requiring to have their names recorded. There have also been $760.81 worth of in-kind donations for either supplies or services, most of which has come from Linda Lipka. Williams also made a $1200 loan to his campaign on 2/9/24, under the terms of repayment as a one time balloon payment at the end of the campaign.

Expenditures have totaled $1456.76 and have included spending $723.26 on yard signs, $613.50 on advertising, and $120 on food at a fundraiser. An additional $127.71 of value for an in-kind expenditure was made for a fundraiser with ice cream.

Williams began on 1/11/24 with no money on hand and had $899.24 and as of 3/21/24 had $899.24 on hand along with his $1200 indebtedness for his loan.

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