Heather Robinett, by Tim Larson


Heather Robinett began her volunteer involvement in Ferguson as soon as her family moved to Ferguson, over 18 years ago. She led the Old Ferguson West Neighborhood group, she led the efforts to create a community garden in Old Ferguson West, she served on the board of the Ferguson Youth Initiative, and she supported events such as the Ferguson 5K, the Farmers Market and more. In 2016, when Ferguson was under significant budget pressures as well as continuing scrutiny, Heather stepped up and was elected to her first term on the Ferguson City Council. Her ability to listen, cooperate, and solve problems allowed her to work with everyone on the council to guide the City through the necessary hard work of supporting the consent decree as well as bringing in new police officers. Her management skills, drawn from her career as a high-level Director of Engineering at AT&T, have helped guide the city through difficult financial times and address our city’s challenges.

In her next term, Heather will lead the way to improve our neighborhoods by supporting home restoration programs as well as tearing down dilapidated homes. She will support homeowners and renters who are working to improve and maintain their homes, and she will support policies and programs that make landlords responsible for the upkeep of the houses they rent. She is particularly concerned with reckless and dangerous driving. She is ready to explore creative solutions to traffic issues, such as traffic circles and traffic calming, while also recognizing the essential need to reduce dangerous driving through enforcement of traffic laws.

Heather’s knowledge, capabilities and her kindness in every situation are an asset to our community. In her next term, she will continue to work with the whole council and our new city manager as we work together to build up Ferguson as a resilient, vibrant, and diverse community that can be an example to the whole region.

Please vote for Heather Robinett for Ferguson City Council Ward 2 on April 5th