Recall Petition Filed


The recall petition for Councilor J. Toni Burrow was filed with the City of Ferguson on Monday, October 24, 2022. The effort involved volunteers who went door to door in Ward 2 to speak with interested voters and gather signatures. According to the original filing with the city, the recall petition committee consists of Margaret A. “Peggy” Faul, who also serves as point of contact for the committee, State Representative Raychel Proudie, Nicholas D. “Nick” Kasoff, Kathleen O. Noelker, and Jamie L. Schroeder.

Nick Kasoff, who led the social media campaign soliciting signatures, stated that the target was slightly surpassed and that all signatures were checked against the registered voters list to verify eligibility and home address. The next step will be for the St. Louis County Board of Elections to review the signatures and provide their report to the city of the number of valid signatures. A total of 559 voter signatures is needed based on the number of registered voters in Ward 2 in the last Council election. If the process is completed promptly by both the BOE and the City and the petition has the full required number of valid signatures the recall may be placed on the February ballot. Kasoff noted that once the Recall Committee is notified that they will share the results and next steps with the public.