Letter to Eric Osterberg


This morning, we received a lovely letter from our new city manager’s former colleagues in Lone Tree, Colorado. We are pleased to publish their well wishes here.

Hey Eric,

From some of your former colleagues in Colorado, we wanted to express our well wishes as you begin your service as City Manager in Ferguson. We applaud your continued contributions to the public good and your dedication to improving the lives of people in each community you join. Your City Council and the people of Ferguson will be well served by your professional approach as you help them achieve their vision for the community.

Your strong moral ethics, persistence, and integrity will serve Ferguson well. You are one to confidently face challenges while still seeing humanity in others’ perspectives. Those who work with you at City Hall will benefit from your genuine commitment to fostering relationships and your ability to build people up to be their best.

We know that you will bring your knowledge and commitment to building resilient and empathetic communities to everything you do. It’s no secret that you’ve navigated a lot of friction, divisiveness, and frankly bigotry, in your career. In those instances, you’ve handled yourself with poise and confidence while still addressing situations head-on. You take every negative energy and interaction and somehow are able to redirect it into positive change. You are someone everyone can learn from, in large part because you are someone that continues to be open to learning from others.

Know that you’ll always have folks cheering you on from Colorado. While in Ferguson, we hope you find avenues to continue your love of guitar, anime, philosophy, and in-depth discussions about anything and everything. We were proud to call you a former colleague when you began your work in Oregon and we continue to be proud as you start a new chapter in Ferguson.


Leanna Jasek-Rysdahl
Jay Robb
Austin Good