Linda Lipka, by Scott Garrett & Family


Our family is pleased to endorse Linda Lipka’s candidacy for Ferguson Ward 1 City Council Representative. There is no one better equipped and properly motivated for the position.

We have had the great fortune of knowing Linda for almost 30 years. Throughout that entire period, through good times and difficulties, one thing has remained constant: Linda’s strong desire to get involved and make our community a better place for everyone.

Linda’s caring fingerprints are all over Ferguson.

The beautiful playground equipment at Lee-Hamilton School is there primarily because of Linda. She spearheaded the fundraising that paid for the structure that has entertained thousands of children.

When Ferguson was struck by the Good Friday Tornado, Linda was first in line organizing crews to clean up debris and assist people in getting their lives back in order.

Hundreds of children from Ferguson and the surrounding areas have been able to achieve their educational dreams partially from the scholarships Linda created to honor her daughter Samantha.

One of the sources of those scholarship funds, the Taste in Ferguson, continues to grow. The Taste in Ferguson has created an annual gathering and sense of community pride. Not only generating funds for scholarships, the Taste in Ferguson exposed local businesses to broader audiences and contributed to their growth.

As a life-long Ferguson resident, Linda was heartbroken by the turmoil and riots of 2014. Our town was broken. Typical Linda, she was not satisfied to sit on the sidelines. She needed to get involved and fix things. She ran for office and won.

Linda has been a wonderful representative for all residents of Ward 1. She represents us out of a desire to make Ferguson a better place for everyone. No hidden agendas. No dirty politics.

As a multi-generation Ferguson family, the Garretts plan on calling Ferguson home for years to come. That’s why we endorse and support Linda Lipka’s candidacy for Ward 1 Councilperson. Her desire is to make this a better place for all of us for many years to come.

-Scott & Laura Garrett, and children, and grandchildren.