Erica M. Brooks, Ward 2 — Candidate Questions


1. What skills do you bring to the table to help run the city more efficiently while delivering quality services to the residents of Ferguson?

Purposefully observing and tended to the issues my neighbors are voicing are most important to me. Exhausting all of the accessible resources and partnerships will help me to diligently provide answers and/or an outlets that will be able to assist my neighbors.

2. In addition to the Consent Decree, Ferguson still has a class action lawsuit pending that represents over 11,000 people who were jailed by Ferguson since 2010. How do you view these court actions considering current criticisms that the enforcement of laws is lacking in Ferguson? Should police write traffic tickets with fines to those who break traffic laws?

Below, you will find the cause of the class action law suits and effect/consequences  that followed the Ferguson Police Department’s institutional racism and predatory policing. Questioning whether or not the Ferguson police department should write traffic tickets with or without fines for breaking traffic laws wasn’t and isn’t the reason for the Consent Decree. However, it’s the FP who chose to violate the citizen’s 1st, 4th and 14 U.S. Constitutional rights by using the internal predatorily “Wanteds System” authorizing any other officer to seize a person and take him into custody for questioning without any review by a neutral magistrate before issuance. The Consent Decree was formulated after various investigations revealed the immoral actions which resulted in revenues built from Ferguson Police, the Ferguson Court System and the City of Ferguson orchestrating and operating it’s own independent make-shift institutionalize financial ponzi scheme.  If the FP had followed the lawful process of prosecuting people who do break the law, there wouldn’t have been any investigations or a reason for a Consent Decree.

Seven years after Ferguson investigation, Missouri police still resist reforms, by Hassan Kanu.

November 10, 2022

The resulting report included one of the most unambiguous formal findings of institutional racism and predatory policing in the DOJ’s history of investigating local police departments for systemic violations. The Ferguson Police Department was more focused on a racially discriminatory strategy to generate revenue – criminalizing and squeezing money for public services out of its non-white residents – than public safety, the DOJ concluded, opens new tab.

–  A federal appeals court delivered a partial win, opens new tab to legal advocacy groups on Nov. 1 in a class action challenging the St. Louis County Police Department’s so-called “wanteds” system, which allows police to make arrests without a warrant or probable cause. 

3. Do you believe the city council has or has not fulfilled legal and ethical obligations to operate with full transparency? If not, what needs to be done?

The City of Ferguson hasn’t be fully transparent, because we as a community have not be told where  the ARPA funds have been spent in an itemized budget for JUST the ARPA fund and not complied within the City’s Fiscal budget.

4. Do you believe the city budget is equitable and accountable? Why or why not?

Ferguson spend thousands of dollars on e-blast and mailings, etc. to get our opinion about how we think monies should be spent in Ferguson due to protocol just to only use the money on their wards based on political opportunities. Some things have been done in the wards, but the infrastructure, streetscape, lighting and economic details are all addressed very differently in each ward

5. Describe an ethical dilemma you have faced. How did you resolve it?

I’m not sure what that might be, but I’m sure what that might be.

6. What are the three top priorities the city needs to work on now to improve the quality of life for residents?

Ferguson need more family and children oriented businesses and environmental activities in Ward 2 on the West side. Unlike January-Wabash Park, Dade Park is not event functional, not family friendly, needs lighting, love and care.  The broadband access and reception needs to be more functional and able to co-exist amongst the frequency at the airport. Cell phone, TV and internet reception is a hit or miss no matter what telephone and/or internet company serves you. The sewer infrastructure needs to upgraded to remove to flooding throughout the city especially in the flood plains and water retaining wall should have been built a long time ago.

7. How do you see yourself supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts as a council member? How have you been involved in DEI already?

As an African American and a woman, my life encompasses this acronym everyday, because society challenges my human existence, as well as my human rights all the time. My son and I purposefully and successfully challenged the City of Ferguson and the Bi-State Development Agency when they tried to eliminate our access to equitable, affordable, safe and convenient pubic transportation Metro Bus #79 in the neighborhood portion of Ferguson. They only wanted to service the business district. Our boots on the ground campaign found out different. I’ve participating in activities with People Reach Out for Diversity and Inclusion (PROUD), as well as The Neighborhood Police Steering Committee. I’ve volunteered to feed the homeless and I’ve host and sponsored young, family and community empowerment events in the Metro Area.

8. What are some of your ideas to improve the quality of housing in Ferguson for both multi-family and single-family homes?

First, the removal of the derelict house will improve the health and welfare of the neighborhoods, deter rodents and remove unwanted vegetation. Secondly, not allowing businesses/corporation for out of town and/or in town and/or an individual to purchase property without a permanent way to connecting with the owner(s) regardless of their location. At the point of sale, they should be told if they neglect they property at anytime no matter if they pay their taxes, a lien will take effect after so many days. Yes, the City just create an ordinance to require local management, so there is not way the owner(s) won’t be aware of the consequences. As a result, the renters and homeowners won’t be accused of property neglect and this will inspire other to take pride in their community.

9. Do you support the abolishment of package liquor stores in Ferguson, leaving the current stores open but not allowing any new ones to open?

Their has to be ratio considered in the community so the quality of life is not bombarded by liquor, alcoholism and domestic violence. Liquor is a desire, but having more family orient venues is more important to the community.

10. Do you support amending the city’s Charter to give more power to the Mayor? Why or why not?

The charter needs to be amended, but democracy is golden. The community need the support and the voice of the City as a whole body not a dictator.

11. Should the council seek to have personal and real property taxes paid by residents and businesses as already stated in city ordinances? Why, or why not? Also, when should the council approve tax abatement?

Once the City chose to take ownership of properties, it should have it in it’s budget to pay it’s own taxes without citizens be responsible, but there is no gain for the citizen unless the city sells the properties for the cost the county gave it to them. They should approve it when the area is clear a health hazard, disease reddened, and it brings the value of the community down.

12. What kind of role should the council take to deter juvenile crime?

The council should be more involved with the police department and the school districts to find the core reason for their unwise actions in the community. As a result, there should be a way their time, energy and wisdom should be redirected with  guidance from their home, their school, the police department and the city. This will create a sense of responsibility and inclusion.

13. Large scale development has been slowing down in Ferguson over the last few years. Why do you think that is and what ideas do you have to encourage more robust development in the commercial corridors?

The Ferguson Economic Development department and code and ordinance department procedure took African American business through lengthy and costly misstepped and offered initial funding to other race businesses that were far more wealthier that the AA businesses. As a result, some AA business went else where. Also, The businesses should have more products that accommodate the demographics of the community and not just what the store sells along with a variety of choices. For example, Walmart usually sell casual clothing and not business clothes for work or interviews or a variety of dress shoes or healthy foods of variety cultures like in Wentzville, MO.

14. Has any candidate, during this or any past local election cycle, accepted single donations of $10k or more from out of state entities that own apartment complexes in Ferguson and, if so, why?

The person that asked this specific question already knew the answer. Were they just trying to air out that candidate’s guilty by trying to get me to clean his conscious of his actions. I don’t think so. No free advertisement from me.

15. What are the main points you want voters to remember about you and your candidacy?

I’ve proven that I will continue to be our community’s grassroots organizer by making sure we as a whole community will live with the reassurance of DEI no matter if you are a renter and/or a homeowner, you quality of life will include parents and the youth developing to enrich the school environment as a result the community will reep the benefits of DEI from a unified village in Ferguson.

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