Dogs Are Not Lamps

Tips to keep harmony in your home with Fido


Dogs are not lamps that you can turn on and off when it’s convenient for you & your schedule. Dogs need exercise, companionship and mental stimulation. If a dog becomes destructive, they are lacking in one or all of these areas. Dogs are PACK animals and YOU are their pack. It’s up to YOU to help them.

Dogs that need to be crated are even trickier. Due to the busy lifestyles that many dog parents have, they need even more help to keep from going kray-kray. Just imagine being kept in a small box, only enough room to stand up and turn around in for 8,10,14 hours per day. You too would lose your mind and bark, chew, and go stir crazy.

Chew toys and stimulating toys. See HIGHLY recommended Benebones, Kongs, and other toys you can buy on Amazon or and have delivered at your door step the next day. Stuff toys with peanut butter or yogurt and freeze overnight. You made the decision to bring a companion in your life. It’s the least thing you could do for them.

Exercise! If a dog is displaying negative behaviors like chewing, barking, jumping up, they need more exercise! And it will do you both good! You can work on heel and sit but let them be dogs and walk fast and smell the smells if they choose. This is their walk and not your walk.

Give them a view out the window. Keep the curtains open so they can look out and watch the world. Chipmunk, birds, cars going by, can all help with the mundane boredom while you are at work.

Music. Dogs are social animals and being left alone in complete silence for hours at a time can be deafening. Leave the radio on a soft, easy listening station or leave the TV on low.

Doggy Day Camp. Drop Fido off at a reputable doggy day camp for play day while you are at work. By the time you pick them up, they will be worn out, content and ready to chill on the couch with you while you watch TV, plus the socialization is critical to the well-being of your dog.

Dog Walker. Have scheduled walks planned with a dog walker. There are many professional walkers that would love to exercise puppy.

Another dog or cat. Consider adopting another dog or even a cat. Most dogs like the company of other dogs, or even a cat. Dogs are pack animals and not meant to be alone.

Calming. If your dog is nervous Nellie, try a calming collar, calming oils, thunder vest, and/or Melatonin. But the best thing for a dog with separation anxiety is another dog.

Positive Training Class. There are many local training classes that use positive reinforcement and will help you connect with your new companion. Sign up for one. It will mean the world to your new pup and is a fun way to bond. For extra energetic dogs, check out an agility club. The mental stimulation could save your dog and your sanity.

So go the extra short mile and try these easy tips to keep the dog YOU chose to bring into your life happy. Dogs are not lamps with on & off switches, but are much like kids that need help from you, their pack leader.